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PTA Guide: Free Online Tools & Resources For Physical Therapy Assistants

PTA Guide: Free Online Tools & Resources For Physical Therapy Assistants

Austin, United States; 23, January 2016: The PTA Guide was founded by people passionate about physical therapy. It’s an online resource to help people become accredited physical therapy assistants and also to help current PTAs grow in their physical therapy careers.

PTA Guide

Why use the Physical Therapy Assistant Guide?

It can be a struggle to research PTA schools on the Internet. It’s also a challenge to learn of one’s state requirements to obtain a PTA license. Some of the problems people encounter include out-of-date information, broken web links, and having to scour many different websites to find the information they are looking for.

Those wishing to become accredited physical therapy assistants also have another hurdle to overcome. They cannot easily learn of the cities or specific practice areas within physical therapy that offer the best-paying jobs. There also is not an effective place to search and compare available physical therapy jobs online. As any job seeker can understand, these problems fuel a struggle that can often be frustrating and impactful on their future.

The purpose of the PTA Guide website is to help people overcome those challenges. In essence, one can describe it as a “one-stop shop” for education and job resources specifically catering to physical therapy assistants. Now there is no need to scour the Internet and waste hours sifting through outdated, or simply unhelpful, information!

PTA education requirements

One of the difficulties many people encounter is learning about the specific education requirements they must meet in order to receive state licensing and employment.

What many people may not realize is they don’t have to spend four years in college to get the required degree to become a certified PTA. Instead, they can attend an accredited college and get their degree in half the time! The PTA Guide provides full details on how to achieve that goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

PTA state license requirements

Another bugbear is finding out the PTA licensing requirements each state demands. The PTA Guide website provides an interactive state map that makes it easy to find out licensing requirements in any U.S. State.

All one has to do is just click on their desired state and a page with full licensing requirements, Physical Therapy board contact info, and application forms will be provided! This cuts down on the need to spend hours visiting different government websites, inquiring about licensing processes, and waiting to receive application forms and instructions. With just one click users can receive everything they need to get licensed, including downloadable application forms necessary to get their state license.

Local accredited PTA programs by region

The PTA Guide doesn’t just tell users how to get a PTA degree. It also provides details on local PTA programs that one can enroll into! Quickly generate lists of all of the accredited PTA programs in a region including full contact information directly to the PTA program director. There’s no denying that the PTA Guide website really is a one-stop shop when it comes to education and career resources for PTAs!

Physical therapist assistant jobs

Don’t worry, the PTA Guide doesn’t just cater to prospective PTAs, tools are available for practicing PTAs looking to advance their careers. The PTA Guide has partnered with 1,000s of Physical Therapy employers across the country to offer the most comprehensive PTA Jobs Search Tool online. The PTA Guide’s Job Search tool makes it easy to find an exciting new PTA role in a specific area of expertise and in a specific region.

One can search by a number of filters, such as state, city, job title, or keywords related to the role they’re looking for. It’s also possible to filter results by position. For example, one can search for “acute rehabilitation” or “sports therapy”. That way, they can get results relevant to their specific job requirements.

About PTA Guide:

The PTA Guide is an online resource for those that wish to become physical therapist assistants and for current PTAs to grow their career. It provides tools to help those interested in getting a PTA degree and tools to apply for a state license. It also offers up to date salary data by major city and the most powerful PTA jobs search system on the web to help PTAs find the best position for their career.

For more information, contact:
Steve Johnson
PTA Guide
6803 Bill Hughes Road
United States
Tel: +1 (512) 961-0276

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