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Quick buying guide of virgin remy hair extensions

Quick buying guide of virgin remy hair extensions

If you are looking for a hair extension then you would certainly want to buy the best and the best is remy hair. But do you know what is remy hair and how is it recognized. Remy stands for natural and the easiest way to distinguish a natural extension from a non-virgin product is to see its color.

Never expect a natural extension in colors not found in natural hair. For instance take dark brown hair color. It isn’t natural hence the extension in dark brown color isn’t a remy even when it is made of human hair. The tresses are chemically treated to change their color. Virgin remy Indian hair would come in colors Indian hair is available in.

Touch the extension hair to feel whether the hair strands are running in one direction or not. The strands must be unidirectional and if they aren’t then they aren’t remy. They could be human hair but they can’t be called remy as remy hair strands run in one direction from root to end. It is so because remy tresses have their cuticles intact.

Every woman has a reason for wearing an extension. The reason could be medical or fashion. Whether you need the extension for medical or any other reason, you shouldn’t compromise on quality. Remy extension would not only fulfill your fashion needs but also keep you safe from the troubles associated with wearing extensions. Biggest advantage of wearing natural extension is that it is 100% safe from allergic conditions.

Most fashion conscious women choose virgin kinky curly hair extensions. These extensions come in natural black and brown shades and they are available in different hair lengths. What is more interesting about these extensions is that they come in easy to use design. Just clip the extension to your hair and change the hairstyle.

If you want a different style, you can explore more option. A good thing about hair extensions is that they come in different styles to suit different needs. If kinky curly tresses won’t suit to your face shape then you can try straight hair or natural curly style. There are many ways to style hair but the style must match with your face shape.

Choosing an extension isn’t going to be easy as there are many options and every style looks great. Remy product, lively feel and natural look of the extensions would inspire you to buy a couple of extensions. Also the price range of the products would give you an excuse to buy extensions.

Virgin deep wavy hair is also a good choice. It could be taken as alternative to kinky curly hair. What is your choice in extension? After getting education on remy hair, you would certainly be interested in shopping around and buying the perfect match for your hair.

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