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QuickCompany, India’s First Online TradeMark Service

QuickCompany, India’s First Online TradeMark Service

QuickCompany is GoDaddy of Trademarks and Companies in India. an online portal for the buzzing startup system in North India launched a service for obtaining Trademarks online.

Gurgaon, NCR, India, June 11, 2015 — has officially launched an Online Search and Register service for Trademarks. This is a much needed service for but buzzing startup ecosystem in North India.

Having had a successful run with Online Company Registration, they have now partnered with some of the best Trademark attorneys in India for the new service. With the online service you can get your logo, slogan, name or even a catch phrase by simply going to their Website. QuickCompany provides an elegant interface where you can simple upload the required documents and have a TradeMark pending within 24 hours. As an introductory offering the TM is priced at Rs. 5,899.00 which include all government fees and taxes.

Make in India campaign, has simplified the company registration process by releasing the INC-29 form. “We are seeing positive changes to help spread entrepreneurship in India”, says Manmeet Singh founder of Manmeet Singh termed it as “history” when he said “This initiative was inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of Digital India. This programme launched by QuickCompany will support the e-governance, good governance and Digital India initiatives of Modi government and help him in creating history together with the support of Private Sector”. More such e-initiatives are needed to push India’s rank in the worldwide rank of ease of doing business. This is definitely a positive step in reducing the number of days required to register and start a new business in India.

QuickCompany Legal Services Limited is a fast growing successful online business service company based in Gurgaon. Quick company has earned a reputation for itself by offering quick service for registering business in India. QuickCompany headquartered in Guargon, NCR was initially started by 3 young entrepreneurs in their mid twenties. It employs a team of talented professionals to cater to its expanding business. It is the most used service in India to search and register companies on the internet.

Manmeet Singh
QuickCompany Legal Services Private Limited
Gurgaon, NCR, India
00 91 9871259695

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One comment

  1. Ease of Doing Business ?

    Here is one of the things that I think is needed :

    Treat MII ( Make In India ) on par with MOM ( Mars Orbital Mission )

    We have all seen MOM control room on TV , with dozens of scientists glued to respective computer screens , monitoring every aspect of the Mission

    And , whenever required , taking ” Course Correction Actions ” in real time

    For MII ( Make In India ) too , we need such Control Rooms

    One at the HUB (in DIPP ) and 20+ SPOKES (one each in State Capitals )

    The concerned officers will monitor :


    Who is visiting from where and looking at which pages , and doing what , and for how long …etc


    From server log of B2B web site , monitor which FOREIGN COMPANIES are blasting ( We are interested in a JV with you / We want to buy from you ) messages to which INDIAN COMPANIES


    B2B server sending out ( within ONE MINUTE ) , full details of above-mentioned messages to,

    * Indian Diplomatic Missions abroad to get in touch with the Message-Sending FOREIGN COMPANIES , offering instant help

    * Chief Ministers / Industry Ministers / Industry Commissioners etc of the STATE GOVERNMENTS , where message-receiving INDIAN COMPANIES are located ( expect a fierce ,healthy competition amongst States to locate project in their States ! )


    Implementation of each project ( above a certain value ) being monitored using PERT technique – thru a specific Mobile App installed on the cell phones of concerned Government officers

    To make MOM a reality , cost the country , some Rs 430 Crores – and time of some 100 scientists

    I believe CONTROL ROOMS ( War Rooms ? ) of Make In India , may not cost more than Rs 43 Crores ( – all put together )

    And some company like Infosys / TCS / Wipro , will be able to construct – and operationalize – such rooms ( hardware and software included ) within 3 months

    Given the challenge to raise our ” Ease of Doing Business ” rank from 142 to 42 , this is the surest / fastest / cheapest method !


    hemen parekh
    14 July 2015

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