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Random Address Generator Available On the Web for FREE To Help Hide Real Identity of a Person

Random Address Generator Available On the Web for FREE To Help Hide Real Identity of a Person

06, April 2016: In today’s internet world, many people may feel the need of hiding their real identity. For example, while chatting with an unknown friend on a social networking site or on any other platform, it could be risky to disclose your real identity, unless you are sure about the safety of your personal information shared with a stranger. The solution to this problem, however, is now available on the web and that is also for free. is a website that allows a person to generate a random address , to help hide his or her real identity.

The website brings a simple process of getting a fake name and address. They have the address generators for US, UK, Canada and for several other geographical regions. One can choose any of these address generators and can get a random address for free by simply choosing the gender and the state of a country from a drop down list. In a single click, the tool can generate the address, allowing a person to share the same with an online friend. This helps maintain the safety and privacy of a person that he or she needs to maintain while interacting with a stranger.

One can use the address generator online from anywhere and it’s a handy tool for someone to get the precise, but a fake address that looks real. With a fake address, one can go online with confidence and can interact with online friends on various platforms. No one will be able to realize that the address shared by you is not real. Besides offering the fake name and address, the tool can also provide a fake telephone number, fake credit card number and even a fake social security number. With the complete set of fake identity components, one can rest assured that he or she would never be caught by a stranger on the web.

Amidst growing incidences of phishing and identity thefts, it has become imperative for the modern populations to adopt safe interaction practices on the web. is a real help for all of them who want to remain away from the danger of phishing or identity thefts. To get a fake address, one can visit the website .


Fake Address Generator provides fake address all over the world, including fake identity, fake phone numbers, fake credit cards, fake social security number (SSN) and street, occupation and any other information.

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