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Raven Firm, LC Announces The Launch Of A New Comprehensive Lawyer Directory For Michigan

Raven Firm, LC Announces The Launch Of A New Comprehensive Lawyer Directory For Michigan


Raven Firm, LC is a company that creates a variety of useful directories that help customers find a professional for their needs. Besides a Real Estate Agent Directory and New York State Lawyer Directory , they now present their new Michigan lawyer directory .

Raven Firm, LC, has launched a new directory of lawyers that helps people in the Michigan find legal representation without spending hours searching the Internet. The new directory called LawyerofMichigan.com, lists registered lawyers practicing in the Great State of Michigan. Over 36,000 lawyers are already listed, so customers can find their phone number, address and practice information.

LawyerofMichigan.com has the goal to become the most comprehensive Michigan Lawyer directory in the USA providing contact information of all listed Michigan lawyers. The directory helps consumers make the important decision of choosing the right attorney. The directory has become so important; people within the legal profession understand the importance of being registered.

“On the heels of our release of LawyerOfNewYork.com – the definitive directory of attorneys in the United States registered to practice in New York State, we are launching LawyerofMichigan.com : the most comprehensive Michigan Lawyer directory. The goal of LawyerofMichigan.com is to provide contact information for consumers to aid in one of their most important decisions: choosing an attorney.” – Patrick Singson, a company representative, Raven Firm, LC.

The site is currently working on a special membership program that will allow lawyers to become featured. That will allow the featured members to have their profiles shown at the top of all profile pages. There will be two featured options: State Featured and City Featured the members will be able to take advantage of.

The search will allow customers to browse lawyers not only by state but city. Customers can choose from over 4,000 in Detroit, about 2,200 in Grand Rapids and over 1,700 in Lansing.

LawyerofMichigan.com is the best place to find the right Michigan lawyer, who will successfully take care of their law related issues. At the same time, the directory is also a great place for lawyers to find clients within a local Michigan city.

To find out more about the different options offered at this newly created Lawyer Light House Directory, please visit http://lawyerofmichigan.com/

About LawyerofMichigan.com

LawyerofMichigan.com is a comprehensive Michigan legal directory that allows people needing legal representation to find a lawyer registered to practice law in Michigan that is suitable to their case.

Media Contact:
Patrick Singson
Phone: (720)295-3736
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Email: contact@theravenfirm.com

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