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RDM Industrial Products, Inc. Designs Aesthetically-Appealing, Durable and Industry Regulations-Compliant Wholesale Industrial Furniture

RDM Industrial Products, Inc. Designs Aesthetically-Appealing, Durable and Industry Regulations-Compliant Wholesale Industrial Furniture

Since 1977, RDM Industrial Products, Inc., a registered majority-owned manufacturer of premium-quality industrial and laboratory furniture supporting the Advanced Technology, Biotechnology, Electronics, Healthcare and other sectors, has been dedicated to helping lab technicians and others organize work space for maximum productivity. The Milpitas, California-based company designs aesthetically-appealing, durable and industry regulations-compliant wholesale industrial furniture including professional-grade lab benches, fume hoods and accessories, laminar flow workstations, ESD static control workstations and more, boasting the experience necessary to design and create steel, wood and plastics products to meet customer needs.

“From start to finish, our aesthetically-appealing, durable and industry regulations-compliant industrial furniture is made to specifications, keeping in mind customers’ budget and time frames,” says RDM’s Victor Gomez. “Whatever the specialty project, RDM Industrial, as industrial furniture suppliers, possesses the expertise to help lab workers organize their work areas for maximum productivity, whether that involves helping to furnish a new facility or repurposing a current laboratory. We are industrial furniture manufacturers that create lab workstations which are comfortable, safe and functional.”

RDM’s Bay Area headquarters in Milpitas is a showcase for the company’s myriad of workstations, workbenches, accessories and more, including its A-107P specialty ergonomic lift table equipped with an electronically-operated hydraulic lift system and T-101P double-sided workstation, in addition to a full line of ball-transfer tables, heavy duty tables, LAN workstations, laminar flow stations, seating, shelving, material handling, cabinetry and ESD static control items.

“RDM represents an industrial furniture suppliers company that designs and builds practical, elegant, human-friendly laboratory furniture so techs can focus on the science of discovery and testing,” adds Gomez. “From Energy and Education to Government and a wide variety of Healthcare applications, our lab benches and associated pieces offer a combination of flexibility, performance and aesthetic appeal to meet critical application needs. RDM has been in business for over 30 years, and our facility is ready to provide all our clients with the quality furniture products and service they demand.”

Further, RDM Industrial workbenches have become popular in laboratory applications because of their high-durability, task-specify and variety of modular and custom options including a plethora of surface choices. In a typical small to medium-sized laboratory setting, RDM workbenches line the walls of the room in a U-shaped pattern as part of an overall workspace design; in larger labs, the benches are typically configured in rows. RDM Industrial Products’ lab benches are designed to maximize storage and flexibility for future re-tasking requirements.

In addition to being recognized as leading industrial furniture manufacturers, RDM specializes in shipping wholesale industrial furniture and other premium-quality lab products to locations nationwide and on time, focusing on a company mantra that promises “quality, service and timing.” Beyond the borders of the United States, RDM boasts an international distribution network that encompasses Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico and the Middle East.

“RDM Industrial advances the spirit of discovery and creation through the design and manufacturing of custom technical furniture, accessories and services,” concludes Gomez. “We develop practical, elegant, flexible solutions for customers in laboratory, technical and industrial environments, and are committed to creating great places to work in everything we do. Our people are totally dedicated to the greater issues of humanity and equanimity, devoted to improving the world we work in.”

RDM Industrial Products, Inc. is located at 1652 Watson Court in Milpitas, CA and can be reached by calling (408) 945-8400. For more information visit www.rdm-ind.com.

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