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Rdm Industrial Products Inc. Recognized As Leading Industrial Furniture Manufacturers

Rdm Industrial Products Inc. Recognized As Leading Industrial Furniture Manufacturers

RDM Industrial Products Inc., a California-based manufacturer and distributor, has been providing industrial furniture solutions to its myriad of customers for over 30 years, a broad range that includes professional laboratory storage products, tables, workstations, cabinets, counters and much more. The manufacturer-direct, industrial-quality laboratory and industrial furniture items produced by RDM also include support products to the Advanced Technology, Biotechnology, Electronics, Healthcare and other private and commercial industries, and the company specializes in shipping high-quality supply items to locations nationwide – and on time.

As a manufacturer of industrial furniture, RDM produces workbenches, lab tables, technician workstations, adjustable height tables, clean air laminar flow workstations with HEPA filtration, carts and more, in addition to European-style commercial cabinets with slab-type doors, service counters, reception counters, conference tables, countertops, display and store fixtures and laboratory cabinets and tops. As a distributor, the company offers many of the peripheral products that complement its manufactured products such as laboratory and clean room seating, storage cabinets, file cabinets, wire shelving, carts, ESD static-control products and a host of ergonomic solutions including foot rests, keyboard holders, flat-screen monitor stands and CRT monitor stands.

Further, because RDM Industrial Products is a registered small business manufacturer of industrial furniture, the company can assist customers with meeting their small business project requirements, often inviting clients to tour the Bay Area showroom to see the advanced products in action. These include RDM’s ergonomic A-107P Lift Table, equipped with an electronically-operated hydraulic lift system, T-101P Ball-Transfer Tables, heavy duty tables, LAN workstations, laminar flow stations and more. Also on display at RDM’s showroom are many of its peripheral products such as seating, shelving, material handling, cabinets and ESD static-control items.

“When it comes to durable, industrial-grade furniture pieces, we are at the top of our game,” says RDM Industrial Products’ Victor Gomez. “Our industrial and lab furniture is made of quality industrial materials ranging from stainless steel to seasoned wood – and everything in-between. Moreover, we always make it a point that each part of our furniture pieces are fully-welded, attached or connected together to ensure greater durability and strength. Through our 37 years’ worth of experience in the furniture industry, we have become even more versed with regard to the ins and outs of manufacturing high-quality lab and industrial pieces, our manufacturing procedures designed to bring the utmost in efficiency and usability to the forefront.”

A dynamically informative blog section of RDM’s website, located at, provides thought-provoking, highly relative material that discusses a variety of topics such as creating the best industrial workstation for employees, the benefits of a workbench and heavy duty carts, making long-term investments in equipment, the necessities of laboratory exhaust fume hoods, working in clean environments and the positives of using laminar airflow workstations.

“In light of our experience in these areas, and taking into consideration the durability and quality of our products, many people presume the prices of our wholesale industrial furniture are through the roof,” concludes Gomez. “In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth; our goal has always been about providing clients real furniture solutions – at reasonable rates. Accordingly, we take pride in putting our customers first before anything else, so when they do business with us they are assured they’re getting their money’s worth.”

RDM Industrial Products, Inc. is located at 1652 Watson Court in Milpitas, CA and can be reached by calling (408) 945-8400. For more information visit

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