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Read the Holy Book on Portable Devices with the Free Bible Software

Read the Holy Book on Portable Devices with the Free Bible Software

The Free Bible software is launched to enable users to read the Holy Book on any portable device, mobile phones and computers. The free software has a simple interface which is quite straightforward. With a user friendly appearance, the program can be downloaded and installed with relative ease and simplicity.

The Free Bible software app is ingrained with a number of useful features. As it is a small tool, it requires minimum system resources and it can be installed easily on any computer with Windows OS. It has an easy layout which enables even novices to navigate through the program without any complications. Users can utilize the “Search” option to find any particular verse or chapter in the Bible. Users can add notes at the end of each chapter or bookmark any page in the Bible.

This software app also includes a dictionary for the convenience of the users. “The Free Bible is a handy software app that is quite amazing. I can now read the Bible when I am on the move on my laptop and even my mobile. Reading a chapter from the Bible early in the morning can be quite a rejuvenating experience for a busy person.”

The Free Bible software includes both the Old Testament and the New Testament. It also includes illustrative images and commentaries. This free software program is designed for users to enhance individual knowledge of the Holy Book. The program has a few simple features which are quite easy to understand. It can be downloaded without any complications onto any portable device within a few minutes of time.

To know more about the Free Bible, please log on to:

Free Bible

The Free Bible is a small and handy software app that enables users to download and read the Holy Book on any portable device.

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