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Recovery of Deleted Photos and Data in an iPhone Was Never This Easy

Recovery of Deleted Photos and Data in an iPhone Was Never This Easy

28, September 2015: iPhone has been an extremely desirable device ever since it had been introduced and it has remained a popular favourite among the people ever since. The main desirability factor of the iPhones is usually its features. However, it gets slightly less appreciated when people aren’t familiar with all its features which is the case more than often times.

The main issue is usually iPhone data recovery which few seem to think isn’t possible with iPhones and its features. As a matter of fact, iPhones have very efficient iPhone recovery software for lost data. It is mainly used for iPhone message recovery but it can do a lot more than recover deleted texts from an iPhone. It can also recover photos, videos and other data of the sort.

It is a three step process:

• Connect the phone with the computer where the iFonemate is downloaded and set the phone for scanning. This scans the recent-most activity of the iPhone and brings them out in front of the user.
• The user is to then locate the data that needs to be recovered from among the scanned data.
• The user is to then recover the data to the computer or the idevice.

iFonemate supports three idevices- iPhones, iTunes and iCloud. One thing to be remembered is that the activity log after the accidental deletion of the data is to be kept clean so that the recovery is easier. iFonemate has been an incredible help to all iPhone users.

“Love iFonemate as I was able to get lost contacts and pictures back. It is fantastic and useful”

“I retrieve lost contacts from iPhone using this software. This company has always provided good and solid programs in my experience.”

About the Company:

Globalshare is a company specializing in development of iPhones and its services. It has made remarkable new developments with iFonemate backing them up as the recovery system. They also have hopes to go further with the advancements of the iPhones.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Sales Manager John
Address: 1501 S. Mopac Expressway Suite 400,
Austin, 78746
Phone: 512-314-0000
Email: fastsupport@globalshareware.com
Website: www.globalshareware.com

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