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Redemption For Coal- New Technology Offers Hope by Reducing Coal Consumption

Redemption For Coal- New Technology Offers Hope by Reducing Coal Consumption

With the recent investigations involving coal it has become imperative to find methods to clear its name. Coal is not yet able to be discarded as an energy source, with no other alternatives that are viable as a substitute replacement. A new technology improves coal combustion and can reduce coal consumption and CO2 as much as 25%. With the new catalyst from the industry can rejuvenate the usage of coal. This spray-on formula helps in reduction of Sulphur tension, slag, and ash formation as well.

New York, October 08, 2015 — With the increasing concerns regarding carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions, global warming and possible radiation hazards from coal, countries are taking initiatives to ban its usage by 2030. The Clean Air Act as propagated by the US government is attempting to ensure the replacement of coal by other cleaner sources of energy.

Very recently, the Pope’s concerns about climate led to University of Notre Dame to announce the end of coal usage. The effect will be equivalent to taking about 10,000 cars off the roads of Washington. In the next five years the school will be investing about $113 million in renewable energy resources alone! While this elite institution has the money to do this; can America afford the irrational costs a changeover would require, during an ongoing recession that does not end?

Is elimination of coal from the world stage a smart decision at all? There are a vast network of both small and large companies which depend and thrive on mining coal and its transport, and these companies provide needed jobs in Americas heartland. The latest Supreme Court rulings against the EPA are a temporary breather for the coal industries in Central and North America.

The plans to eliminate the use of coal are ill conceived and rather hasty; the currently indebted American government, and the strained American people lack the financial resources to fund new projects nationwide which would attempt to switch to other energy resources.

So instead of turning our backs to the much relied fossil fuel which we have been using since the ancient times, we should be engineering ways to ensure minimum byproduct formation, maximum combustion and ensuring a healthy economy for the nation. While many researchers from renowned universities are already working on such methods and compounds, some industries have already implemented methods to ensure cleaner energy formation.

A new high tech spray on catalyst can optimize efficient combustion of coal leaving behind minimum residue. This will produce up to 25% more energy and results in less coal being burned so less pollution. Burning less coal saves big money for the power provider. The energy produced is cleaner than most of the renewable fuels. The catalyst creates secondary reactions which helps in efficient burning of coal. This also ensures lesser emissions of CO, CO2, and Sox. The company also offers the world’s most efficient Wet Electrostatic Precipitation technology that can generate 99.9% reduction of stack particulate and creates nearly laboratory grade air. The solution is absolutely non-toxic and non-hazardous for the environment and human health. Experience less coal consumption on the first trial of these catalyst.

About Burn Less Coal: We are company dedicated to providing a holistic solution for both the environment and coal companies, Burn Less Coal has pioneered the technology required to provide clean coal fuel. And to clean the air coming out of the coal stack. Their catalytic solution is environmentally safe, tested in labs and research institutions, and completely economical.

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