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Xiamen, China; 25, September 2015: has a variety of Refractometers that can be used for various applications. These Refractometers are the important tools that help check the purity of a substance. These are generally used in laboratories for a variety of purposes.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that a Refractometer can be used in a number of industries where it is important to maintain the purity or a precise concentration of the content. For example, in clinical industries, Refractometers are often used to check the salinity of the brine. The company has Refractometers with quality assurance that helps judge the quality of the content with the best possible accuracy. Available at a competitive price, the Refractometers feature a lightweight aluminum construction with an ergonomic design for easy handling.

The company has the Brix Refractometer that can be used for checking the sugar concentration in juices, honey, wine and other beverages. It helps monitor the sugar concentration to help maintain the best of the quality and taste. It offers the full range of measurements to ensure the precise quality of a particular product. They have different types of Brix Refractometers to choose from and control the sugar content of a product. has also introduced the Gem Refractometer that is very useful for the gemstone and precious stone industry. Known as RHG-181, this heavy duty tool can be instrumental in authenticating a gemstone and thus maintaining its value in the market. It helps evaluating the optical properties and the Refractive Index of gemstones that define its purity as well as the market value. With a built-in light source, it’s possible to identify the precious gemstones and their quality.

According to the company spokesperson, all Refractometers are easy to operate and provide the best results. Moreover, they procure products directly from the factory, ensuring the best prices. To learn more about different types of Refractometers available with them, one may visit the website

About, established in 2005 and based in Xiamen, Fujian, China, is a professional optical equipment design and manufacturing company with a global client base. The staff and majority shareholders have been involved in technology development and manufacturing in the refractometry field since 1994. They supply all kinds of Refractometers and ship and deliver all products carefully across the world.

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