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China; 10, September 2015: Refractometer is a laboratory device with applications in several specialized fields of study, research, etc. The handheld version this device is mainly required for measuring the index of refraction. It is device which gives detailed information across various parameters for users. is Xiamen based manufacturer of all kinds of refractometer approved by strict quality and security standards. It has a fast growing global client base and ensures the products are of highest quality.

The company has well built and professionally effective salinity refractometer devices. As the name suggests, such devices are required to test the salinity of salt water and brine. It is quite useful for quality maintenance in research, marine industry and clinical laboratories. This device is designed by experts to provide direct accurate reading of specific gravity and concentration. With dual scales, it is easier to directly determine salinity of water containing dissolved solids and dissolved salts.

The brix refractometer, commonly referred as sugar or honey refractometer is handy in various purposes. It is developed by the company for clients who need to monitor and maintain sugar content of wines, honey, soft drinks, and fruit juices. Several firms in food and beverage industry depend on its products and services. It is a device made to provide critical information irrespective of checking fruit ripening, product quality verification or maintenance of concentrations during packaging and processing.

Aquariums are a common sight at various destinations including schools, colleges, institutions, offices, public places, and other establishments. The company made salinity refractometers serves the dual purpose of being an aquarium refractometer. It is known for the ability of giving precise results with highest levels of accuracy. To ensure a convenient reading, buyers are also provided with sharp and vivid rectile chart. No batteries are required for operating this eco-friendly device. Ambient light is sufficient for running it as per needs.

Shoppers can also get their choice of clinical and grape refractometers. The former is required for fast and flawless indication of vital fluid levels. It is equipped with ATC which is adjustable with correct temperature discrepancies at the time of use. The available triple scale can provide urine specific gravity, total serum protein, and refractive index. As the name suggests, the later is required for accurate sugar content measurements of grapes. It is ideally suited for monitoring and controlling sugar content by grapes industry firms. Through contact us page, shoppers can submit their request for a detailed quote within 24 hours.

About is a manufacturer wholesaler of high quality refractometer devices. It was started off in 2005 to cater to the need of firms in refractometry field. Every manufactured product undergoes multiple rounds of quality testing measures prior to delivery. The company is committed to providing value for money refratometers for a range of uses from research to product manufacturing, processing and packaging. Visit the website for more information on product and service offerings.

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