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Regarding statements by Fabulonia OÜ, CEO Kimmo Isbjornssund

Regarding statements by Fabulonia OÜ, CEO Kimmo Isbjornssund

ITBS OÜ announces that the statements that Jari Kimmo Kristian Isbjörnssund, Fabulonia OÜ and their representative SORAINEN Law Firm have recently made in different media channels are plainly misleading, unlawful and causing considerable damage to ITBS OÜ. ITBS OÜ is strongly considering filing an infringement case to the respective court and to the Estonian Bar Association in this respect, as they are determined to secure their good name and reputation.

These misleading and unlawful statements relate to the ongoing court proceedings in Estonia, case number 2-13-61048, between Fabulonia OÜ, ITBS OÜ and Secured 3D OÜ. Secured 3D OÜ has no affiliation with Noteworthy is that on the last public hearing held on 12.11.2014 the judge clearly explained to Jari Kimmo Kristian Isbjörnssund and Fabulonia OÜ that as the latters have not presented to court a written copyright assignment agreement, signed with ITBS OÜ, then the Fabulonia OÜ claim against ITBS OÜ for the assignment of IP rights does not have a legal basis. Despite that explanation Fabulonia OÜ still continues with this fruitless legal case, clearly filed in the bad faith, with only aim to cause negative publicity to ITBS OÜ and related partners.

ITBS OÜ is also in the process of appealing the lower courts preliminary injunction. Preliminary injunctions are a standard procedure in Estonia for IP matters and the grant of which is not indicative of the final judgment. By law the court will decide the preliminary injunction application within next working day as of receiving it. Noteworthy is that defendant ITBS OÜ was not provided the opportunity to oppose the application. Therefore, it has been visibly erroneous and misleading to state by Jari Kimmo Kristian Isbjörnssund, Fabulonia OÜ and their representative SORAINEN Law Firm that this issue has been solved in favor of Fabulonia OÜ. The core matter of the case has not been decided yet.

Reference should be made also, that Fabulonia OÜ and its CEO Jari Kimmo Kristian Isbjörnssund are not fulfilling corporate legal requirements. Fabulonia OÜ, established in 2012 has not filed any annual reports. To the knowledge of ITBS OÜ also multiple creditors’ liens are outstanding. Jari Kimmo Kristian Isbjörnssund has also illicitly assigned non-granted patent rights to his company without the correct authorship. This is clearly evident with contrary authorship between applications in the EU and the U.S.A. ITBS OÜ has additionally filed DMCA takedown notices on and regarding use of ITBS OÜ copyrighted works without permission.

“As a current shareholder of Fabulonia OÜ, I am deeply disappointed that Kimmo Isbjornssund has been non-responsive to numerous requests for shareholder meetings and to discuss the specifics of his claims,” said ITBS OÜ CEO, Taavi Kikas. 49 percent of Fabulonia OÜ, is owned by ITBS OÜ shareholders and management, with the remaining 51 percent owned by CEO Kimmo Isbjornssund according to public records.

Additionally, Jari Kimmo Kristian Isbjörnssund has harassed multiple ITBS partners including but not limited to; the President of Estonia, Tallinn Technical University professors, Mektory Innovation Centre, Tehnopol and Enterprise Estonia. With the permission of the Estonian Police, Kimmo Isbjörnssund was also video recorded trying to aggressively force an ITBS business partner to sign an employment contract against his will. One of the ITBS business partners has filed suit against Jari Kimmo Kristian Isbjörnssund which is currently pending in Estonia. ITBS believes Kimmo is hiding in Finland and other charges are being prepared in his country of origin.

If Jari Kimmo Kristian Isbjörnssund indicates prevailing in the aforementioned case or threatens anyone or any business please report it to ITBS OÜ’s legal team at the Law Firm of Indela & Elunurm.

ITBS OÜ – Innovative Technologies and Business Systems’ main field of activity is complex software and hardware research projects in the field of cloud computing, data mining, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, cyber security, biotechnology, aerospace, and defense. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, the ITBS OÜ team is dealing with transferring complex scientific algorithms into software and hardware. ITBS OÜ is a member of Mektory, Tehnopol and Estonian Healthtech cluster.

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