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Renowned Experts Unite in Virtual Event Designed to Change the World

Renowned Experts Unite in Virtual Event Designed to Change the World

It is time that people come together and commit to the conscious growth, health and well being of everyone on the planet. Things can begin to change for the better if every person who hears the calling in their heart stops waiting for others to make the change they want to see in the world. Bold dreams are waiting to be birthed, and NOW is the time for people to begin in earnest.

Beth Banning, Laura Pedro and Terry Whitaker have been collaborating behind the scenes to create this virtual event. It is designed to both inspire people and support them to take action on the dreams that reside in their hearts in ways that will have a lasting impact on our society. “It has taken a sustained effort over a two year period to assemble the experts we knew would be critical to making the event an extraordinary one.”, said Beth. “We knew we needed expertise from across our cultural continuum to engage an enormous wave of new leaders who are ready, willing and able to solve the problems on our planet.” added Laura.

Awaken Into Action: Changing the World One Dream at a Time is a virtual event that offers the opportunity to learn from more than 20 world leaders in the areas of spirituality, personal development, business, science and education. It’s structured so that the interviews with these leaders will walk participants through a curriculum of learning designed to empower them into action. When they complete this free training they will be equipped to take concrete action on their biggest dreams. And if they are already acting on those dreams, they’ll learn how to expand their influence and have the impact they are meant to have on the world.

The leaders teaching these modules include luminaries like Maya Angelou (yes, the Awaken Into Action team was blessed to receive one of the last interviews she granted before her passing), Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gary Zukav, Michael Beckwith and other prominent authorities– top talents in their fields of expertise. They are all willing to participate in this project because they believe that NOW is time for big ideas, bold actions, and broad contribution. This is a time to stretch beyond where most people believe they can go.

Evolutionary biologist and futurist Elisabet Sahtouris says, “A conscious, self-creating living cosmos is one in which life is sacred, ethics are inherent in evolutionary maturation processes, and humanity itself can follow countless other species out of a juvenile mode of competitive aggression and into mature cooperation, a process I believe is apparent in our struggle to move beyond win/lose economics and into the establishment of true global family.”

Awaken into Action is free to the public.
Because it’s a virtual event it can be attended from any smart phone or computer.
It begins January 5 and runs through February 13.

For schedule and more details visit:

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