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Repair Solutions and Prevention Techniques for Basement Water Damage

Repair Solutions and Prevention Techniques for Basement Water Damage

Toronto, March 03, 2017 — Tired of struggling from the side effects of having a wet basement? Look no further Dryshield Waterproofing has all the solutions you will need to fix the interior of your home.

Water is one of your home’s biggest enemies; as time passes homes become more and more susceptible to water. It is only a matter of time before signs of water damage will begin to show especially in wet basements. Basements are usually prone to flooding because of how they are normally structured underground. Water acts like gravity and creeps into every crack it can find. Therefore, interior waterproofing allows you to efficiently control water flow so that it directs it away from you home. It is a cost-effective water damage control solution that can save your home from serious damages and health issues that surround moisture and mold particles.

At Dryshield Waterproofing Solutions provides interior waterproofing services that include drainage systems, weeping tile installation, crack repairs and sump pump installations. Another option would be to install a waterproof membrane that provides a layer of protection to the structure by channeling collected water away from the walls to the sump pump so that it can be drained out.

There are many benefits in using the interior waterproofing method and they are:
– Gets rid of mold and mildew. Your wet basement will be free from leaks, water pools and dampness.
– It is cost effective
– Minimizes hydrostatic pressure
– Increases the value of your property

The Interior waterproofing method is best suited when:
– The external approach is not feasible because of confined space or accessibility
– Hydrostatic pressure is forcing the water under the footing and into the house
– When interior walls and floors are completely exposed or basement is unfinished.

If you are unsure how to fix your wet basement– No problem, that’s what Dryshield waterproofing is here for! They are one of Canada’s largest waterproofing companies, is a 100% Canadian owned and operated. The Dryshield team prides itself on great workmanship and providing excellent customer service. Their unconditional commitment to customer satisfaction has proven to be a successful policy and their 25-year transferable warranty that covers the home even if you decide to sell. For more information about Dryshield Waterproofing and its services or to get a FREE quote on services please visit

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Toronto, Canada

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