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Research Report and Overview on Triethylenediamine Market, 2015-2025

Research Report and Overview on Triethylenediamine Market, 2015-2025

Triethylenediamine market is witnessing significant growth due to its highly reactive catalytic property. Its tendency to copolymerize with various donor monomer makes it highly reactive in nature. Triethylenediamine are low density, relatively high tensile strength, and low compression set chemical. It finds its application in most polyurethane applications ranging from apparel, appliances, automotive, building and construction to electronics, medical and furnishing industries.

Triethylenediamine Market: Drivers & Restraints:         

The triethylenediamine market is expected to grow significantly during the forecast period, primarily due to demand for end care products among consumers such as apparel, appliance and electronics. This is expected to be primarily driven by construction sector. Though the market seems optimistic in coming years, shifting trends towards green chemicals along with stringent regulatory procedures in some of the key nations can led to some negative impact on this industry. However, this billion dollar industry is expected to witness upward trend during the forecast period 2015–2025.

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Triethylenediamine Market: Segmentation:         

Triethylenediamine market is broadly classified on the basis of end use industries. Polyurethane application in various end-use industries has offered good momentum to overall growth of triethylenediamine market. Growth of automobile and construction sector are two most important end-use applications of polyurethane. Together, they contribute more than 50% of overall market of polyurethane applications, which in turn is expected to boost the demand for triethylenediamine globally. Rise in urbanization is one of the key factor driving the construction market globally. Other important applications where polyurethane finds its applications are electronics and communication and textile industries. On the basis of product, polyurethane is widely segmented as rigid foam, flexible foam, coatings, adhesives & sealants. Rigid foams is one such product where triethylenediamine is widely used as a catalytic product.

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Triethylenediamine Market: Region-wise Outlook:      

Most of the demands for triethylenediamine is expected to generate from Asia Pacific followed by developed economics such as Europe and North America. Most of the demands in Asia Pacific is expected to generate from China and India. These two potential markets are well equipped with automotive and electronics segment. Also, these two countries are expecting surge in construction related activity. Government friendly policies towards FDI is another major factor behind the surge in demand for these applications. This is expected to offer significant thrust to overall growth of triethylenediamine market in Asia Pacific. North America and Europe are two other prospective market for triethylenediamine, however, is going to lose significant market share during the forecast period, 2015-2025. Sluggish growth in construction and automotive sector is the prime factor behind the slowdown of triethylenediamine demand in developed economies.

Triethylenediamine Market: Key Players:   

Some of the key market players in triethylenediamine market are Air Products & Chemicals Inc., Eastman Chemical Company, BASF SE, Jiangxi Donggxu Chemical Co., Ltd. Tianjin Zhongxin Chemtech Co., Ltd., Shanghai GAOXIANG Chemical Co., Ltd., etc.

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