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Rethink Hydration with Zpirit Foods Inc. and its set of Naturally Infused Waters

Rethink Hydration with Zpirit Foods Inc. and its set of Naturally Infused Waters


It’s infused water that hydrates your life adventures from the yoga studio, to the power lunch, and back to your pad. With pieces of real fruit and a subtle infusion of fresh herbs, Zpirit Infused Water has already hit stores from coast to coast in Canada and taken the stage on CBC Dragon’s Den NextGenDen.

It’s water that’s going places – and, Zpirit Infused Water wants to take a community of active, modern, health savvy trendsetters with it.

Drink Smart

Zpirit Infused Water is a clever equation of healthy principles mixed with an edgy twist of flavours that equals effective and guilt-free hydration. It uses pure, reverse-osmosis H20 and contains no artificial ingredients, which helps make Zpirit Infused Water completely vegan, gluten and preservative-free. Zpirit Infused Water pairs a fruit and an herb to create a unique, palate-pleasing combination. Zpirit worked with George Brown College’s Food Innovation and Research Studio to get the first two flavour combinations into the market and established the standard for Zpirit’s products. Zpirit Infused Water’s full debut line has four flavours:

Mandarin and Mint – The faint tang of mandarin meets with the subtle zing of fresh mint.
Peach and Basil – Soft succulent peach is paired with aromatic notes of basil.
Spiced Pear and Vanilla – Sophisticated spice is laced with the understated hint of vanilla.
Pineapple and Sage – The light sweetness of pineapple is rounded off with a whisper of sage.

Each product is made from ingredients that inspire: water infused with fruit and herbs, organic cane juice, natural flavours and stevia leaf extract.

Drink Differently

Zpirit Foods Inc. was founded by Philippe Roireau in 2013. Inspiration struck when Philippe was working for Google in Europe where he stumbled across a traditional European recipe called Kompot. Today, each bottle of Zpirit Infused Water features whole, real pieces of fruit and is carefully brewed with real herbs during production and has garnered a following that is picking up steam all over North America. The Federal Government invested in Zpirit Foods Inc. through the Agri-Innovation program to further equip the company with the tools it needs to expand and distinguish itself on the Canadian and international market.

Hydration That Inspires

From parkour fans, to yoga devotees, to up-and-coming and established professionals, to active families, Zpirit Infused Water is hydration that inspires a health-conscious, trend-setting and active community. Zpirit invites you to discover more about its range of Infused Waters at one of the following launch events:
Toronto – February 26th, 6pm @ Marché Restaurants
Montreal –
Ottawa –

Find out more :

Zpirit Foods Inc.
191 Sherbourne St. #1801
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5A 3X1

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