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Ride headsUp Launches Motorcycle Heads-up Display Campaign on Kickstarter

Ride headsUp Launches Motorcycle Heads-up Display Campaign on Kickstarter

Co-workers at drone start-up build inexpensive and helmet agnostic headsUp display for motorcycle riders displaying nav/speed as a hologram on the road ahead.

Raleigh, NC, Feb 25, 2015 — Ride headsUp, the first true heads-up display to attach on to any helmet, today announced the official launch of its Kickstarter campaign. Created by a group of Indiana State graduates who went on to become co-workers at a drone start-up, the display reflects on the windscreen to show navigation and speed based on the same principles as the HUDs (Heads-Up Display) in jet fighter planes. The group, led by founder Tyler Collins, is excited to carry their tech start-up experience and innovation-first mentality from their day jobs to their passion for motorcycles.

“After years of riding motorcycles, having to constantly check my speed while maneuvering a busy street or sharp turn while struggling to find my way without navigation, I started to look for a safer and easier solution,” said Tyler Collins, headsUp founder . “Currently, the only option riders have is to buy a helmet with HUD capabilities built in. The goal for this campaign is to provide a user-friendly and universal display option that riders can afford and use on their existing helmet.”

Riders traveling at 60mph can cover more than 150 feet while looking down to check their speed or directions. Ride headsUp is designed to give every rider a tool to monitor speed and navigation without hindering their situational awareness and overall safety. The display unit can be mounted on the majority of helmets on today’s market and are sturdy enough to withstand high winds while maintaining its ability to easily removed from the helmet. Bluetooth connectivity also allows for streaming of audio and navigation from Android or iPhone mobile devices to helmet display.

Kickstarter Campaign:

“We designed the interface to be simple, not to distract riders or complicate the setup, but to enhance the overall riding experience,” said Collins. “The only thing the rider can see is his speed projected as a hologram; in the same way a heads up device displays speed in a modern fighter jet.”

The campaign goal, set at $125,000, will take Ride headsUp from a working prototype to a production-ready device in six months. Visit for more information. Ride headsUP.

For More Information: Tyler Collins, Email:, Phone: 317-213-4895
Twitter: @rideheadsup | Facebook:

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