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Ride Koowheel Electric skateboard to go anywhere

Ride Koowheel Electric skateboard to go anywhere

In a modern fast of life, for most of white collar, outdoor activities is a good pleasure at weekend. Here comes a question: how can they get to the agreed place? KOOWHEEL Electric skateboard will be an excellent choice for those fashionable young boys and girls. It is means that they don’t have to suffer from traffic jams by taking city bus, even far from the crowded subway. those young people hate that. If you choose a skateboard scooter, you can enjoy your wonderful weekends and do what you are interested in. Such as Climb, Play badminton even Pick strawberries. Not only enjoyed a happy weekend but enhanced the relationship with friends. So, Ride Koowheel Electric skateboard will be an ideal choice. Why will you choose Koowheel E-skateboard?

Firstly, it is the most affordable electric skateboard with an easily replaceable battery pack. It has exclusively designed with brushless, dual in-wheel hub motors, bluetooth wireless remote control and 7 layers of durable Canadian maple for flexibility. Its maximum speed is 40km/h and enjoy the freedom to go anywhere in town you choose without guzzling gas or sweating from all the walking or biking. You even can put it in bag and carry it to anywhere, let alone outdoor activities or a coffee house.

The Koowheel electric skateboard was created with the simple thought that everyone should be able to enjoy the convenience that technology creates. We don’t think that the electric skateboard is just a toy for a few geeks. In the future, it will be a brand new alternative form of transportation. It’s an energy-saving vehicle. Surely a new choice for short term commuting, going to class, the supermarket and for getting around and going shopping? What could be more wonderful than being able to travel freely around the city? It’s easier to ride than a regular skateboard. Using the remote control all you have to do is stand up on the board and enjoy the ride.

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