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Home » Business » Offering Complete Legal Assistance to Innocent Victims of Risperdal Drug Offering Complete Legal Assistance to Innocent Victims of Risperdal Drug Offering Complete Legal Assistance to Innocent Victims of Risperdal Drug, a Dallas based law firm offering comprehensive legal assistance, was incorporated with the sole aim to provide complete information and assistance to victims of the drug Risperdal. The law firm, comprised of senior legal experts, has advocated for innocent victims of prescription errors for many years. In light of a recent case won by the family of an autistic boy against Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of Risperdal, the attorneys of are trying to raise awareness about the adverse effects of the drug.

The lawyers of recently headed a seminar, held in Dallas, and spoke unambiguously about the ill effects of Risperdal. Risperdal is an antipsychotic drug that has been clinically linked to Gynecomastia, an abnormal development of female breasts in men. Stories by the country’s leading newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, reveal the pharmaceutical giant tried to conceal this damaging side effect for years. The lawyers of strongly argue that the case of Mr. Pledger, the plaintiff in the bellwether trial against Johnson and Johnson, is a wake-up call for activists, legal experts and consumers to build a awareness about the drug and the unintended consequences of its use.

“For years, J&J has kept the facts about Risperdal hidden from the general public. Hundreds and thousands of patients take this drug on a regular basis, and It’s pretty clear that the manufacturers kept the side effects of taking Risperdal secret merely to protects profits. We strongly condemn such irresponsible behavior from a pharmaceutical manufacturer of Johnson and Johnson’s stature. We are here to provide full legal assistance to the victims of the drug Risperdal. Now is the time to take actions or many others could be affected in the same way as Mr. Pledger.” said a senior spokesperson for to journalists in Dallas.

About the Company is a Dallas based medical malpractice compensation claim assistance firm committed to serving the innocent victims of wrongful drug administration.

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To know about the outcomes of J&J trial, read the WSJ report

Company Name: Risperdal Attorney
Contact Number: (877) 681-9908
City: Dallas
State: Texas
Country: USA

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