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Saltori Website Exposes the Power of Mind Control

Saltori Website Exposes the Power of Mind Control

19, December 2015: Distinguished personal development expert Andy Shaw exposes how positive thinking can really and truly permit any individual to take full control of their own lives.

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When confronted with bankruptcy in 2010, personal development specialist Andy Shaw was confronted with 2 directions: the first was to accept his loss and start developing his life again from the ground up; the second was to sink into a deep, permanent anxiety that would have an extensive result on his entire life. What Shaw didn’t understand, however, was that once the human mind can accept life for what it is, without drawing comparisons between reality and expectation, life moves slow enough for that individual to completely manage the direction of their future.

Publishing his truly inspiring story on his site, Shaw states, “When faced with total bankruptcy, I was crystal clear in my thinking. I knew this was a momentary situation and the only way it would be permanent was if I enabled it to be. I considered vanishing off into the business world and making another fortune, to reappear in three to five years’ time as another success. However, something had actually changed in me … I had discovered the secret to controlling my mind. I didn’t recognize right then but exactly what I had discovered was the missing piece, the piece of knowledge which all of us instinctively understand is right there, and I wished to share my discovery with every living person that needed to reset their mind and gain full control back from it.”

Once faced with the lowest point in his life, Shaw felt a sudden need to share his newly-discovered wisdom with the entire world: “Why should I keep the secret to joy and success all to myself? This sensation of euphoria I get up to each day is not something to be concealed away, but something to be shared with the world.” For the past couple of years, Shaw has been sharing his pearls of wisdom through his own individual advancement program, ‘A Bug Free Mind‘, which has received floods of evaluations from over 130 countries worldwide.

“With each new reader, the world comes one step closer to joy,” Shaw concluded. The first five chapters of Shaw’s ‘A Bug Free Mind’ series are offered to download completely for free, from his brand brand-new site,

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