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Salwar Kameez –Most Acceptable and Evergreen Attire till Now

Salwar Kameez –Most Acceptable and Evergreen Attire till Now

Well, Indian Salwar Kameez is the most common and acceptable attire after Saris. Girls, who can’t able to carry easily saris, Go for Salwar Kameez, and guess what Salwar Suits are available on various types these days. This article will help you to get some useful knowledge about the latest Salwar Suits for sure!!!

Being a girl or women, we have some sort of different and yet very crazy choice for the clothes that we are wearing daily. Each and every female, have a particular taste in clothes. So here is a long list of types of Salwar Kameez that I’m going to present in front of you. With choice and taste, every region, area, religion is following some different style and pattern for Salwar Kameez. Such as:

  • Anarkali Salwar Kameez: The Anarkali is known mostly for its Kameez i.e. top and bottoms are mostly churidar.

In this attire, the top is tight and firm from the uppermost part of the body till the waist, at this particular point it blows like an open umbrella. Such types of dresses were carried by dancers in Mughal India.


  • DHOTI SALWAR: The style of this attire is inspired by the Men’s Dhoti, conventionally tied around the waist; it seems or appears same as Dhoti. You can simply say that it is another version of the Patiala Salwar.


  • PATIALA SALWAR KAMEEZ: The most well-known as Punjabi Style Suit. It is being crafted using a varied plates and folds to give a capacious, Buffy appearance. It is fairly weighty to carry, but looks very excellent. The Salwar itself says that it originates from the region of Patiala, Punjab.


  • MAHARANI PATIALA SALWAR KAMEEZ: The second type of the Punjabi Salwar is Maharani Patiala Salwar Kameez. It appear same as Patiala Salwar, the main difference is that it comprises of a number of folds. This Salwar has a loose, wider length at the feet.


  • PARALLEL SALWAR KAMEEZ – This attire styles, like the bottom part of the Salwar is having parallel pants that have the same length from top to bottom. They are slightly wider and craft a long, lustrous look on the person who is wearing it. The uppermost part can be of any length or of any type. You can team up such Salwar with short or Anarkali top also.
  • ACHKAN STYLE SALWAR KAMEEZ- The Ackhan style is inspired from the Nehru’s Hallmark attire. It is open from the frontage along with an opening at the middle thigh to knee level. It typically has a high neck, and it appeared like Salwar is divided in equal proportion and then joined together. You can team up with Churidar, trouser pants etc.

There are good ranges of Salwar Kameez Online you can over various sites, where you can buy Salwar Kameez online. So for what you are waiting search for the most lovable attire for you and look most astonishing!!

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