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San Diego Web Design Firm Your Design World Launches Dynamic New Lotus Elixirs Website

San Diego Web Design Firm Your Design World Launches Dynamic New Lotus Elixirs Website


San Diego, CA – Finding the right website design company can be a very challenging experience.  The industry is, unfortunately, clogged with under performing and dishonest services that don’t come close to fulfilling the promises they make.  Enter the San Diego web design company Your Design World , who are one of the exception to the rule – always striving to deliver premium quality work at an affordable price point.  Recently, Your Design World announced their finishing an astonishingly well executed project, the new website of Lotus Elixirs , a company that presents a new all-natural spin on the energy drink concept.  The feedback on the new site has been remarkably positive.

“It was great to have the chance to design Lotus Elixir’s website,”  commented a spokesperson from Your Design World.  “The product is really amazing, and we made sure that their web page is very fast, it is incredibly secure and, most of all, it has a beautiful design that expresses the spirit of Lotus Elixirs.”

In addition to web design, the company also provides top-level Southern California SEO services, that have won the company accolades.

Lotus Elixirs is a natural alternative to energy drinks based around ingredients that have a long history of use going all the way back to the times of the Pharaohs and Buddha.  According to Lotus, these ingredients help restore a body’s natural balance and energy levels, making it a first in its category.

The company were quick to give Your Design World a very enthusiastic review.

Scott P Strader CEO Lotus Elixirs, remarked, “Joe did a phenomenal job!  I highly recommend his service! He was very professional, creative and visionary in creating a platform in which to introduce our products uniqueness to the world. Every time we had an idea he found a way to implement it and bring it to reality. He has vast knowledge in all aspects of the process from concept to design to functionality. He was able to provide cutting edge services for a fraction of the price of the other service providers.”

For more information or to request a free quote be sure to visit http://www.yourdesignworld.com

Contact person: Joseph Erndt
Company: Your Design World
San Diego, CA

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