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Saudi Arabia Food and Drink Report

Saudi Arabia Food and Drink Report

Saudi Arabia will face growing economic headwinds over 2016, with the non-oil sector under pressure on the back of reduced government spending. Food and Drink sales will gradually decline as consumer sentiment slows over this period. The Saudi Arabian market still holds positive long-term growth opportunities as the consumer outlook remains favourable owing to its young and growing population as well as rising urbanisation.

Key Views & Developments
-Saudi Arabia’s favourable demographics will boost food sales, as the country benefits from a large consumer base and high per capita food consumption.
-There are plans to implement a tax on energy drinks and soft drinks to combat high consumption of unhealthy foods.
-On June 13 2016, Saudi Arabia’s 75% limit on foreign investment was lifted to 100% ownership for foreign companies within the wholesale and retail sector.

Saudi Arabia Food and Drink Report

Table of Contents
1. Food Sales (Saudi Arabia 2013-2020)
2. Non-Alcoholic Drinks Sales (Saudi Arabia 2013-2020)
3. Middle East & North Africa – Food & Drink Risk/Reward Index, Q416
4. Key Players In Saudi Arabia’s Food & Drink Sector
5. Population Headline Indicators (Saudi Arabia 1990-2025)
6. Key Population Ratios (Saudi Arabia 1990-2025)
7. Urban/Rural Population & Life Expectancy (Saudi Arabia 1990-2025)
8. Population By Age Group (Saudi Arabia 1990-2025) 59
9. Population By Age Group % (Saudi Arabia 1990-2025)
10. Weighting Of Indicators

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