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Saudi Arabia Oil Gas Industry Analysis and Forecast Report

Saudi Arabia Oil Gas Industry Analysis and Forecast Report

Saudi Arabia Oil and gas industry report from provides comprehensive Insight on upstream, midstream and downstream opportunities, risks, infrastructure, trade and competition. Through integrated research, use of proprietary data and forecast modeling and inputs from industry experts, the report provides complete research on Saudi Arabia oil and gas value chain.

The premier report provides analysis of key opportunities and associated challenges facing Saudi Arabia oil and gas industry. Amidst several challenges confronting the oil and gas industry including fall in prices, changing market conditions, oil and gas sector risk and shift in competitive landscape, the report provides detailed insights into critical short and long term factors set to shape the outlook.

The research work examines the existing infrastructure (EP, LNG, refinery, storage and pipelines assets), market conditions, investment climate and competitive landscape of upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. Detailed information on fields, blocks, pipelines, refineries, storage assets and LNG terminals along with Asset by asset details of all existing and planned projects across Saudi Arabia oil and gas value chain are detailed in the report.

Key trends, strategies and projects being planned by companies, investors and governments are analyzed along with the feasibility of new projects in Saudi Arabia oil and gas markets. Further, expected start up, impact of competing assets in other countries and overall industry developments, investments required and other related information on planned projects is provided in detail.

Driven by strong methodology and proprietary databases, reliable projections of oil, gas, petroleum products, coal, and LNG- supply and demand are made to 2025. Detailed outlook of the industry in terms of production forecasts of oil, gas, LNG, LPG, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil along with supporting parameters of primary energy demand, GDP and population are included.

Saudi Arabia Oil Gas Industry

The report also analyzes three key companies in Saudi Arabia oil and gas industry. Business operations, SWOT Analysis and financial performance of the companies are provided. All latest developments in the industry along with their possible impact on the industry are included in the report.


Entire value chain including Fields, blocks, oil, products, chemicals storage, underground gas storage, refineries, LNG and pipelines

Planning and Strategy
– Supply and Demand Forecasts of oil, gas, LNG, Gasoline, LPG, Diesel, Fuel oil, 2000 to 2025
– Capacity outlook (Asset wise) for Refineries (CDU, Coking, FCC, HCC), LNG (Regas/Liquefaction), Pipelines (Oil, Gas and Products), Storage (Oil, products and chemicals), 2000- 2020
– SWOT Analysis
– Benchmark with Peer Countries on four pillars
– Drivers, future trends and restraints analysis

New projects (Information on investments, current status, routes, owners, construction contracts of Key planned pipelines, planned refineries, new units, expansions and upgrades, exploration blocks on offer, LNG terminals, expansions, new storage facilities)

Infrastructure Analysis
Exploration block details, licensing rounds and bidding announcements
Field wise and company wise annual production data for all major oil and gas fields
LNG capacity outlook (2005- 2020), trade imports, utilization rates (2005- 2014), operational and planned terminals (location, start up, operator, ownership and capacity)

Oil and gas storage capacity outlook (2005-2020), tank farm details under operation and planned

Crude oil, petroleum product and natural gas pipelines under operation and planned
CDU, coking, FCC, HCC capacity outlook by refinery (2005- 2020), refineries under operation and implementation (complexity, capacity, location, start up, operator, ownership), refinery expansions

Competitive Landscape
Market structure (2015) and Company wise production/ capacity outlook (2005- 2020) for all midstream and downstream sectors
Company wise oil and gas production (Upstream) is provided
Three leading companies’ business profiles

Industry Updates and Recent Developments
Market Monitor on entire oil and gas value chain in Saudi Arabia

Reasons To Purchase
• Gain complete market perspective on the country oil and gas value chain
• Evaluate potential opportunities and risks involved in operating and investing in the market
• Drive profitability and growth through reliable information, analysis and detailed outlook statements
• Make optimal decisions by identifying critical factors set to shape the future of your business
• Design successful growth strategies and commercial plans by understanding operations, strategies of leading players
• Stay ahead of your competitors through detailed understanding on current market dynamics
• Gain core insights and peripheral vision through market monitor chapters
• Access to analyst team for 7 working days post purchase of the report

Table of Contents
1. Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas Overview
2. Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas Planning and Strategic Analysis
3. Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas Market Outlook and Forecasts
4. Potential Investment Opportunities in Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas Sector
5. Saudi Arabia Economy and Political Analysis
6. Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas Competitive Landscape
7. Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas Upstream Market Analysis
8. Saudi Arabia LNG Market Analysis
9. Saudi Arabia Refinery Market Analysis
10. Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas Storage Market Analysis

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