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Saving Energy This Summer

Saving Energy This Summer

Australia; 30, January 2016: One of Australia’s top energy retailers hopes to help saves customers a lot of money this year. Their service is designed to ensure everyone gets the lowest prices possible for their power. Experts at Clickenergy.com.au purchase electricity from energy generators before passing it to their customers. They use an electricity distributor to facilitate the transfer and guarantee people get the power they require.

Click Energy

Energy retailers act as the first point of contact for customers. They don’t generate the electricity themselves, but they create various packages to suit the needs of the consumer. People working in that industry do not visit your home to read meters – that’s done by the distributor. They pass the information back to companies like Click Energy, who then determine your rate of billing.

The advantages of being an online energy retailer are visible for all to see. Unlike other firms with large overheads, Click Energy can keep prices low. The team then works hard to pass those savings onto the customer. They offer extensive email and phone support so anyone can get in touch if they have an issue. Information relating to payment options and smart meters is available via the website.

Click Energy is one of the only online energy retailers with a 100% Australian service team. The company prides itself on making sure customers get the best available deals for the electricity they consume. Launched in 2006 with an aim to provide cheap power, the retailer has gone from strength to strength since that time. Indeed, that is why thousands of Australian residents now use the service.

Operating online allows Click Energy to remain fast and reliable. There’s no need for customers to wait on the phones when they can just send a quick email. The team also believes that switching provider shouldn’t involve lots of hassle. That’s why they’ve created a system that allows customers to make the move in a matter of minutes. They just have to contact Click Energy and let them know the details. The dedicated staff will handle everything else from their end.

Sick of unnecessary calls and emails from your electricity supplier? Well, you’ll never find yourself in that position when dealing with this company. They operate a no-nuisance policy that ensures nobody will bother you with marketing or sales information.

If you want to find out more, you can visit the Click Energy website or use the contact details below. The team is happy to answer any questions and discuss your power options at length. They’ll strive to find the best electricity packages for someone in your situation with your level of usage.

For Media Contact:
Priscilla Wong,
Click Energy Pty Ltd,
PO Box 1048,
Collingwood VIC 3066
Tel: 03 9473 1900
Email: pwong@clickgroup.com.au
Website: https://www.clickenergy.com.au/

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