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Saving Lives: Here’s Your Chance to Learn First Aid

Saving Lives: Here’s Your Chance to Learn First Aid

SGK Consulting is an accredited institution providing reliable and useful first aid tips to people who enrol themselves in there. They provide both private and public training, including workplace first aid training. They deliver customised training geared at various social and professional groups; such as teachers, farmers, care homes, gym staff, security agency staff, manufacturing industry and gym protection specialists.
Among the training course provided, are the following: first aid levels 1, 2 and 3, Basic first aid, Infant & Child, and CPR Refresher aid.

Level 1: This helps you to correctly assess all the emergency situations, and provide the correct aid to patients till they have been fully transferred to emergency care services. Further, this training teaches one to provide CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation), treat bleeding wounds, attend to cases involving poisoning etc. Apart from all of these, you’re also taught about which first-aid procedures to use while responding to different kinds of injuries. The elements covered include — elementary anatomy, unconsciousness, fainting, burns, broken bones and much more.

Level 2: In level 2, they teach you to assess an emergency situation and bring it under control. You’ll further learn how to provide the primary emergency support for children of all ages, including infants. You will learn to assess and manage shock-related situations and also carry out demonstrations on spot. This area covers the subjects of CPR (adult, child and infant), recovery position, bone joint injuries, choking, record-keeping, unconsciousness and fainting, handing-off of cases to medical personnel etc. Further, you’ll also be able to deal with amputations, bleeding, burns, anaphylaxis and body organ injuries.

Level 3: This covers all the areas of basic medical training, which is the first requirement for a lot of jobs. Dealing with cases of sudden illnesses, monitoring patient progress, gaining a comprehensive understanding of medical care ethics, assessing the injury and transporting the patient in the related ward, identifying pulse sites and monitoring all the pulses etc. are some of the things which the learner picks up when s/he reaches level 3.

Infant & Child: As the name suggests, this is a training which is completely geared towards small children and infants. Common ailments/conditions to be treated include asthma, choking, burning, water safety, fever, seizures, head injury and many more.

SGK Consulting provides all these and more. To find out more information, login at:

About sgk consulting
SGK consulting is a Cape Town-based firm which provides accredited and aligned first aid courses. CPR, emergency first aid, child first aid training—all are provided here at pretty reasonable rates.

19 Flamingo Crescent, Lansdowne
Cape Town, 7780, South Africa
Cell: 0814339722

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