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Scotts Valley School Offers Therapeutic Environment

Scotts Valley School Offers Therapeutic Environment

Scotts Valley School is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens. It utilizes therapy focuses on young people finding their true selves while maintaining academic standards, as well as extracurricular activities.

Scotts Valley School, a therapeutic boarding school located in Oregon, utilizes therapeutic methods to help troubled teenagers find alternative ways of dealing with issues and problematic behavior. With the focus being on a therapeutic environment, teenagers are able to assess what is actually getting in the way for them educationally and emotionally, develop a plan of action that will assist them move past the lack of skills or self-doubt that may be in the way, and have a chance to replace old, destructive habits with ones that point them towards success and responsibility.

Scotts Valley School provides students with a therapeutic environment that will allow them to live in an environment that is both positive and non-punitive. Living in such an environment while focusing on a combination of on-site therapy, activities, and accredited secondary education will help each student to identify the irresponsible choices that have gotten them to this point in their life, as well as the negative self-beliefs associated with those choices. Scotts Valley School, as seen at , will use their therapeutic program to help students become better aware of the everyday choices they make, as well as the results created from those choices.

Along with re-instilling values such as honesty, the boarding school in Oregon, as seen at , teaches boys and girls the value of simplicity as part of the overall therapy. Very often upon entry into the program, a girl will sacrifice her piercings and makeup. Likewise a boy have to remove an earring or part with a questionable tee-shirt. The school administration believes that such measures help reconnect a boy or girl with more positive influences which will allow for success and happiness.

Scotts Valley School, as seen at , offers an excellent academic program as part of their renowned therapeutic environment. Their academic program is specifically designed to support students in their important journey for success, greatness, and self-enlightenment. Students who may have had poor grades in school prior to attending Scotts Valley School generally retake those classes as part of their academic work. This helps students gain the knowledge they feel they may have missed out on as well as greatly improve their GPA. Students also have a chance to earn an accredited high school diploma and take college level classes.

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About Scotts Valley School:

Scotts Valley School is a licensed, Oregon-based therapeutic boarding school. With the help of a flexible Therapeutic Model, Scotts Valley School will provide ways to inspire a passion for life by supporting their students own passion for meaning within their lives.

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Scotts Valley School
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