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Scranton’s Houdini-Opoly Kickstarter Project Gets Fully Funded in Less Than 3 Weeks

Scranton’s Houdini-Opoly Kickstarter Project Gets Fully Funded in Less Than 3 Weeks

Presently, it’s the second highest KickStarter dollar amount in Scranton history.

Scranton, PA, United States., February 04, 2017 — In a recent interview celebrity magician and Houdini Museum creator Dorothy Dietrich said ”Crowd funding is the modern way to go! No bank loans, selling the house, maxing out of credit cards. Overall, over 2.49 billion US dollars have gone into successful KickStarter projects.” Launched just 4 weeks ago by Scranton’s Houdini Museum, a 501-C-3 nonprofit, with 4 weeks remaining, Houdini-Opoly could become Scranton’s highest earner, now about to exceed $10,000

Since KickStarter’s inception, April 28, 2009, there have been 98 Scranton KickStarter projects launched with only 25% becoming successful. The worldwide average is about 42%. Backers of the Houdini Museum’s real estate trading game get various rewards including copies of the game, personalization and their name immortalized on The Wall of Fame, and in the game itself. When partner magician Dick Brookz was asked , “why pick KickStarter of the several crowd funding choices?”, he said; “It is the cream of the crop. The leader of the pack. We decided to go first class, dangerous because it is all or nothing. If it dosen’t reach it’s goal, you get nothing! We have gone over our goal of $8,000 and about blast over $10,000. It will enable us to add enhancements to the game!”

The Crowdfunding industry has had exponential growth in the last 17 years. Since its valuation of $880 million in 2010, crowdfunding has come a long way. According to consultant firm Massolution’s crowdfunding report, the global industry grew impressively in 2014 to over 16 billion U.S. dollars, expanding by 167 percent. It has already surpassed Venture Capital funding. According to Massolution, in 2015, the industry raised more than double and reached to $34.4 billion, compared with an annual average of $30 billion placed via venture capital funds. Spread across many kinds of funding models, crowdfunding will reach $90 billion by 2020, although at the current rate, it could reach the $90 billion in 2017, according to the World Bank.



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