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Seating And Positioning Belts Market Analysis, Segments, Growth and Value Chain 2016-2026

Seating And Positioning Belts Market Analysis, Segments, Growth and Value Chain 2016-2026

If modern society is driven by speed, then safety is the buzzword of the hour. Seating and positioning belts play a major role in building a shield against any possible life threats. Every year several people succumb to their injuries for not wearing a proper seating or positioning belt.  The numbers of aware commuters are respectively high in U.K. and U.S. markets in comparison to the commuters who are staying in India or China. Apart from the commuters the seating and positioning belts are widely used in healthcare industry mainly by people who are coping with disability and it is also used in several high risk jobs. There are several active seating and positioning belt markets spread across the globe. Though the seating and positioning belts market expands wide across China and India is thriving on local buyers and on a massive number of importers who queue in to purchase quality budget goods from these seating and positioning belts markets fragmented in this region of the globe.

Seating and Positioning Belts market: Drivers

Several prominent players of this segment is present in United Kingdom and with their expertise and skills they are creating a right noise in seating and positioning belts market in Europe and other adjacent countries of Europe. On the other hand Chinese market which is related to industrial safety belts is rapidly increasing. But the seating and positioning belts market in China is completely dependent upon imports done from several European countries as the safety awareness levels in China is yet to reach the cusp.

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According to a recent report more than 100,000 people die in road accidents every year in China and most of them are ill equipped with safety gears. The seating and positioning belts market in India is stuffed with local manufacturers and exporters. The rising need of cost effective and quality safety belts are on the rise in the international market which is further compelling the rise of this market. The Indian market players are dependent upon domestic as well as fertile international markets which are spread across the south- East Asia, Dubai U.S. and Latin America.

Seating and Positioning Belt Market: Restraints

The Seating and Positioning Belts market is growing globally. But the clear disparity of demands is evident. Few key factors such as public sensitivity towards safety, boom in healthcare, cost of the safety products and skilled manpower will create a headway for all the global market players who are working in this segment.

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Seating and Positioning Belts Market: Key Regions    

The United States is a major procurer and manufacturer of seating and positioning belts. Every year their exports touch few billions. The country has been one of the most dominant player in the healthcare segment which further gives them the fuel to earn a respective lead in the race. The Seating and positioning belts market in U.K. is extremely vibrant, as the safety awareness levels amongst the denizens are quite high which also encourages the growth of the market. The quality of products are extremely high which compliments the expansion of the exports. Apart from this the Seating and positioning  belts market in China is surviving with the help of multiple  exports channels, as the domestic requirement is low in automobile sector but the demand and supply chain is extremely significant in healthcare and industrial safety segments. The Indian Seating and positioning belts market is still nascent, but evolving at a fast pace. The export revenue is soaring every day as the market is producing some of the most competent and pocket friendly products. The healthcare boom in India is also supporting the surging demands in the domestic markets. As seating and positioning belts market also depends upon the healthcare segment. The abundance of skilled labour and a range of virgin markets spread across the Afghanistan, China, Singapore and Malaysia is igniting hope for the players in the Seating and positioning belts markets of India and adjacent region.

Seating and Positioning Belts Market: Key Market Players

The global Seating and Positioning Market is flooded with several big and small player who are bagging their own share of pie from the market. In U.K. companies like Sunrise medical and many more are registering  good profits from this segment In China, Heshan Changyu Hardware Co., Ltd produces three point and two point safety belts and exports them to the international buyers. In India there is an army of manufacturers who are producing these products. National Safety Solutions, Protector Fire and Safety, Specialty Safe Engineers are some of the prominent players in the Seating and Positioning belts market spread across India.

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