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Self-help Guru Makes Bold Claims About Saltori Thinking

Self-help Guru Makes Bold Claims About Saltori Thinking

06, February 2016: World-renowned personal development professional Andy Shaw reveals how his recently developed Saltori thinking system can treat the harmful effects of a negative work/life balance.

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Andy Shaw has recently become one of the most popular figures in the world of self-development as his brand new Saltori thinking system is now making waves in over 180 nations nation-wide. In a recent press conference, Shaw revealed how the Saltori thinking system can not only reverse the impacts of stress and tension, but can also bring any user an invigorating sense of freedom and satisfaction.

“Unlike a lot of other personal advancement systems out there today,” Shaw explained, “the Saltori thinking system does not ask you to forget everything you’ve ever learned in a bid to start once more from the very beginning. Instead, it works with you in harmony, slowly exposing minor adjustments in your thought patterns to develop an enduring, favorable outlook on life. Instead of clouding your vision with unnecessary over-thinking, contradictions and negativity, this system trains your mind to see every day as an opportunity.”

Shaw’s Saltori thinking system is developed to fit into any busy lifestyle, and is divided into little bite sized written, audio and visual chunks. “Psychologists that guarantee you the world in a day just don’t work,” Andy continued, “which is why the Saltori system works with you on a day-by-day or even week-by-week basis to match your life one step at a time. Personal development is certainly a marathon, not a sprint.”

Described as a ‘way of life’, the results of the Saltori thinking system seamlessly work their way into daily habits and routines. One reviewer, Devon Thawe stated of the system: “Just by following you and your wise words, I realize you address the concerns that some of us didn’t even know could be asked. This system makes it so real and easy, yet without it, I had no idea I could achieve that level of success I have always wanted. Your work has brought me terrific quality, and I truly don’t think I can thank you and your group enough.”

Another customer, merely named as John similarly wrote: “After following your system, I have had some fantastic breakthroughs already, and quite truthfully, I never expected it to work so quickly. Most changes are too personal and lengthy to explain here, but there is one modification I bet lots of people require… And it’s quality of sleep. I am an extremely agitated sleeper – it used to take me hours to get to sleep and I used to wake often throughout the night. I am now able to get to sleep in minutes. The distinction I made was that if unfavorable ideas enter my head, they are doing no good. I now understand how and when to shut out my thoughts, and only ever pay attention to the positive ones that enter my mind… Particularly at bedtime!”

Andy Shaw offers a large stock of personal advancement resources, together with totally free chapters of the Saltori thinking system, on his new site, https://saltori.com

For Media Contact:
Company: Saltori®
Address: 24 Bowmans Close,
Steyning, BN44 3SR, United Kingdom
Telephone number: +44 07546277858
Email: pete@abfm.co
Website: www.saltori.com
Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xkf88Xpha60

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