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Sending Huge Files Online is Now Easier than Ever

Sending Huge Files Online is Now Easier than Ever

Almost all of us are well-acquainted with the hassles of having to send heavy mail addresses or large-size files on the internet. Most e-mail companies that we know of, do not allow users to send data which might exceed the limit of 25 MB. In this situation, people are naturally forced to look at other avenues to fill up the gap. This is where sites like TransferNow step in. By allowing users to send data up to 2 or 3 GB (depending on whether you’re a guest or a member), it ensures that people can be finally free of the trials and tribulations associated with online file communication. Apart from sending files, one can also add contact and e-mail lists in one’s own account.

Here’s how you send files through this site. Click on their “Send files to contacts” page. There you will have a slot to the right where there is the facility of uploading files online. Once the required file is updated and link is generated (following the upload), you can copy the link and paste it to the ‘message’ slot provided to the left of the page. Alongside, you’ll also have to put in your e-mail address and the address of the people you’re planning to send the files to. The whole process is fast, free and not at all tedious or complicated.

Of course, there are some differences between the facilities available to registered members and non-registered guests. While a transfer done by a member takes 21 days to expire, the time limit is just 15 in case of a non-registered guest. And as mentioned before, the maximum size of the file(s) to be sent can reach up to 2 GB in case of guests and 3 GB if the sender is a member. Likewise, the maximum number of people who can receive a mail simultaneously is 35 in the case of members and 20 for the guests. All transfers are completely safe and secure, and no personal information is collected by the site, except for the members’ e-mail addresses, languages, IP address and Web Browser; and that too is done only for the purpose of user statistics study. The site uses cookies in order to improve its user interface with reference to auto-completion of email addresses and selecting a language. To know more, please log on to:

About Transfernow:
TransferNow is an email-sending site which is based in France. It is currently available in seven countries and languages, including English.

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