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Several classical and popular color groups for wedding ceremony

Several classical and popular color groups for wedding ceremony

America – The clever using of color can greatly enhance the quality of the wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony in different seasons and different wedding themes can be expressed by different colors and different style. The cooperation of the color of wholly wedding venue and your wedding dresses will help each bride create a unique and special wedding ceremony. Today, the editor from famous special occasion dresses online seller will give you some suggestion about six mainstream color matches of the wedding ceremony.

Red and Black

The cooperation of red and black will often let people have the image of the “Gothic style”. These two highly saturated colors will be prone to play the dramatic effect. For the normally newcomer, this effect is likely to be too strong then these color can be weakened by using one some details rather than as the main color of whole wedding.

White and Green

Many people take the white and green color as a spring wedding or a small fresh style exclusive. In fact, this kind of color cooperation could also be better applied into the winter wedding ceremony. The green color of the mistletoe tree and ivory white with the adding of several berry red could let people have the feeling that the wedding ceremony theme is very comfortable.

Green and Red

It is indeed that the cooperation of green and red this is the Christmas classic color but this color matching could also be used for wedding ceremony. The famous Sweet 16 Dresses online seller recommends with each people to try to keep the natural sense of green and red color in the wedding venue. The color of green pine, holly sprigs, juicy red berries and even red roses in full bloom will make people feel more comfortable.

Pink and brown

These two colors will give people the imagination of a cup of worm chocolate. Accompanied by sweet and fluffy pink cotton candy, the feeling will be very terrific. The pink and brown are not the particularly classic choice but people need to believe that they will become the trend of the election of all brides and bridegrooms. After all, many girls still cannot resist the temptation of pink such as the pink color wedding dresses.

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