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Several tips tell you how to better wash you replica scarf

Several tips tell you how to better wash you replica scarf

China –  How to wash your favorite replica sunglasses ? Today, the famous replica handbags and scarf online seller will teach people related principles. Generally speaking, the most suitable way for scarf especially for the cashmere replica scarf should be the dry cleaning by the professional dry cleaner. For these DIY lovers, washing them at home is also very good selection. The following tips conclude these tips about how to achieve good hand wash effect for these cashmere scarves.

First, the cashmere scarf is made of the precious cashmere as raw materials. Due to light, soft, warm, slippery characteristics of cashmere, the best household washing method should be the hand washing along without mixing with other clothes. Please remember that the different color cashmere products could also let your pure color scarf get staining.

Before the formal washing, the cheap replica sunglasses should be soaked into the cold water for 5 to 10 minutes (the scarf with multi-color and jacquard cashmere should not be soaked for long period of time). During the process of cold water soaking, people should also use their hand to gentle squeeze the scarf. The purpose of soaking is to let these dirt attached inside the wool fibers enter into the water and other fixed stains will also become loosen. After the process of soaking, people should gently squeeze the totally wet scarf and then put it into the neutral detergent solution to gentle wash it. Please remember to not wash the replica scarf with hot soapy water and the great force rubbing or it will be the deformation phenomenon.

After the process of washing, the washed replica scarf could also need to have the pecial acid liquid process which could help to neutralize the remnants soap solution in the structure of cashmere and improve the fabric luster with very good protective effect. The best choice should be the acetic acid and people could also replace it by white vinegar. After this step, the scarf should also be totally wash by clean water.

When all processes above are over, people should begin to extrude the water into the scarf cashmere and then put it into the dehydration barrel of washing machine by net bag warping which could help to protect the scarf during the high speed drying.

After the process of drying, people should put the scarf after dehydration flat on a table covered with a towel and use ruler to the measure its original size and then use hand to finish the scarf into original shade. Please totally avoid the hanging exposure as it will lead to deformation.

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