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Severe Rain and Flooding Causes Damages to Thousands of Homes: New Weapon Comes to the Rescue of Homeowners

Severe Rain and Flooding Causes Damages to Thousands of Homes: New Weapon Comes to the Rescue of Homeowners

Flooding can lead to severe consequences, especially when the water refuses to subside or gets collected in hard-to-reach places such as attics, basements, or crawl spaces. Along with damp floors and furniture, householders typically face the problem of mold which can take a toll both on your assets and your own health. To protect yourself and your family, the simplest way prevent or deal with a mold issue, is to use a secret weapon and perform a shock treatment with an ozone machine such as the BiO3Blaster Ozone Generator.

New York, July 06, 2015 — From floods in the Chicago to those in Texas, the country is being rocked by severe rain and floods throughout. With property including recreational spaces (golf courses, parks), industrial (offices, shops) and domestic spaces (homes) being adversely affected by these damp weather conditions, it is hard to imagine how much post-disaster management is being required throughout the country.

Despite modern plumbing systems, the street flooding in Carlisle, Ohio was one of the worst in recent memory, with cars, trees, and even houses being partially submerged by the flood water. Consequently, houses such as these are in the most immediate need of attention. But for most of us, it’s difficult to handle all the problems such as drainage, drying, and mold remediation by ourselves. Not only are mold-infested areas difficult to treat, the average home owners are simply not prepared well enough for dealing with them on their own completely.

While calling in the professionals is a marvelous idea, most of the time it’s a costly process – and not always the safest, particularly if you consider the toxic chemicals they use; and certainly not the most efficient, if you happen to live in a storm and flood prone area.

Don’t worry, though, because there are DIY products such as the DIY All Natural Mold Removal System and the BioBlaster Ozone Generator which serve this very purpose. Because these machines are easy to use and operate, just about anybody with a little intelligence can figure out how to use them, and the company offers a tutorial to boot. Mold, prone to growing in wet and damp environments and in materials with high-collagen fibers, is found in wood surfaces, and flourishes on drywall in particular. That means that your attic, your basement, and your crawl spaces are some of the most immediate targets.

A powerful ozone generator can completely eliminate the problem of mold for you, by killing the mold and removing any remaining spores as well. Most ozone generators on the market are toys not tools and they don’t make enough ozone to get the job done. Ozone generators are not confined to just this one function however, and they offer multiple benefits including deodorizing, smoke removal, and killing viruses bacteria and mold spores as well as sterilizing air ducts. After a Flood removing the wet building materials and blasting the air and surfaces with an ozone generator is one of the best and most effective ways to prevent toxic mold from growing, and keep your home safe potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

About the BiO3Blaster: Visit or call Charlles Bohdy at 800-240-8514 c/o 4456 North Abbe Road, Sheffield Village. The All Natural DIY Mold Removal system offers a high powered yet holistic way of dealing with odor and mold removal (treatment). With pioneering inventions like the Ozone Tornado and Ozone Tunnel technologies, these ozone generators provide one of the easiest ways to deal with mold infestations. From motels to restaurants, hospitals to home owners, everyone can benefit from the application of these methodologies!

Charlles Bohdy
4456 North Abbe Road,
Sheffield Village, Ohio

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