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ShenZhen Joint Technology Introduces Container Tracker for Remote Monitoring of Containers & Vans

ShenZhen Joint Technology Introduces Container Tracker for Remote Monitoring of Containers & Vans

Shenzhen, China; 28, September 2016: Companies that are concerned about the safety and timely performance of their mobile assets can now rely on technologically advanced fleet management solution introduced by China based ShenZhen Joint Technology Company. The solution comes fitted with the GPS system for the real-time monitoring of containers and other mobile assets. There are several other astounding features that make it a must-have solution for efficient tracking, monitoring, safety and management of mobile assets.

According to the spokesperson of the company, their Container Tracker has a unique keyless design with the RFID based unlocking system. The solution alerts about any unauthorized unlocking of the mobile assets and ensures safety of the fleet. The solution runs on the cloud platform with intelligent hardware for a fast and efficient processing of tracking and monitoring task from a remote location. Equipped with powerful sensor devices, the tracker can excellently be used for the container security.

The spokesperson reveals that the Vehicle Tracker is easy to install and can switch signals automatically for a long-time monitoring of vehicles. The electronic control works on the remote authorization and an unauthorized person cannot unlock the container. The tracker is fitted with unauthorized door opening alarm and the dismounting alarm that ensure the safety of the container. Besides, it also ensures a multi-way temperature monitoring for the safety of the goods packed inside the container.

Joint Technology also specializes in developing the fuel level sensor that can efficiently and remotely monitor the fuel consumption level of vehicles. This patented solution features an advanced sensor technology and has been designed by the company for a meticulous management of the fuel consumption. It can easily fit into different fuel tanks and can continuously keep detecting the level of fuel with high resolution outputs.

Joint Technology Company has different kinds of fleet management solutions. One can learn more about these solutions and their features by visiting their website http://www.jointcontrols.com.

About ShenZhen Joint Technology Co. Ltd:

Joint Technology Company was established in 2006, with the registered trademark ‘jointech’, and formally listed on three new boards in February 2016, with stock code: 835897. The company is focused on providing networking segments in mobile asset monitoring and management solutions, and is committed to become the industry’s leading mobile asset management solution provider and operator. After years of development and accumulation, the company has developed a complete set of intelligent hardware and mobile asset management software on the cloud platform, providing the market with software and hardware products and services, which are advanced, practical, and efficient.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Chen
Telephone: 86-755-83236778
Email: jointech001@vip.sina.com
Website: http://www.jointcontrols.com/

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