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Showcasing Women announces new ownership and renewed commitment to women business owners

Showcasing Women announces new ownership and renewed commitment to women business owners

Las Vegas, NV – Today Founder, Suzanne Duret, announced a winner in her quest for giving the business away to someone wishing to carry forward its mission to help entrepreneurial women succeed.

Suzanne says, “Everyone wants to know WHY I am doing this, and it all started with an incident from a past venture.”

In the late 1980s, she was sitting in a boardroom with her then business partner. They were seeking $1.5 million to start a medical products company centered on her partner’s inventions. Sitting across from them was a panel of three hardcore venture capitalists.

“Back then I had no women mentors or women entrepreneurs to guide me. I was truly living in a man’s world and at the high-level of seeking funding from VCs,” says Suzanne.

On that defining day after the lead investor finished grilling Suzanne’s partner… he turned his attention to her. He put his arms up and clasped his hands behind his head, leaned back in his chair, then gave Suzanne a devious smirk.

The lead investor then said, “And now for you Ms. Duret. It is obvious to me that the only reason you’re here is that you must give great sexual favors.” (Suzanne says he actually said something much more lewd.) She smiled, stood, grabbed her briefcase, and didn’t flinch. She was still smiling as she looked him directly in the eyes and said, “Thank you for your time Mr. [So-And-So]; but I came here to discuss business, not sex.” Suzanne then left.

“As I waited for the elevator, I decided that in the future I would create a business to guide and support other women entrepreneurs. I would bring it to a level where it was suited for another woman entrepreneur to step in and run with it, without the initial start-up headaches. As I made that decision, my partner stepped into the elevator and told me he was proud of how I handled the situation.”

Fast forward, has an audience of women entrepreneurs and one sole focus, helping women business owners thrive in every aspect of their lives. The site now hosts over 300 informational items that includes podcasts, articles, infographics, edutainment videos, and success stories, along with entrepreneurial and social media groups.

Suzanne is now excited to announce that Jenn Aubert and Cortney Devlin, owners of LearnSavvy, were selected based upon their commitment and abilities to inspire, guide and execute on providing informational value while building the Showcasing Women business.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Showcasing Women to further our mission of educating, empowering, inspiring and connecting women who want to start and grow a sustainable business,” says Jenn Aubert. “We are driven by our sincere belief that when one woman succeeds, we all succeed. The melding of LearnSavvy and ShowcasingWomen is a powerful example of women coming together to benefit one another and the greater community. We are incredibly grateful to Suzanne Duret for this opportunity; we look forward to continuing her mission of providing meaningful services and powerful connection to business women everywhere.”

Suzanne would also like to thank her sponsors, and, for the continued support and great services they offer to business owners. “I’m inspired by the enthusiasm that these two sponsors have shown to not only Showcasing Women, but to women entrepreneurs across the country. They have earned my loyalty and that of countless women business owners!”

Showcasing Women Contact:
Suzanne Duret

LearnSavvy Contact:
Jenn Aubert

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