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Singapore Company Creates Custom ‘Diaper Cakes’ for Baby Showers, New Parents

Singapore Company Creates Custom ‘Diaper Cakes’ for Baby Showers, New Parents

The Diaper Cake Company Offers Handmade Diaper Cakes in Variety of Creative Styles.

Singapore, May 22, 2015 — A new company in Singapore is putting a fresh spin on the novelty “diaper cake” popular at baby showers by offering a wide range of customized, elegant diaper cakes for all occasions.

The Diaper Cake Company ( creates custom diaper cakes for baby shower centerpieces or gifts for new parents. The cakes come in a range of unique styles, incorporate fun and useful organic baby gifts, and can all be personalized. Each three-tier cake design includes colour-coordinated ribbons and handmade decorations. Two-tier cakes are also available using a smaller number of diapers.

Diaper cakes are typically used as a baby shower centerpiece that combines creativity and elegance with practicality. Each three-tier Diaper Cake Company’s diaper cake is made with 60 premium Merries-brand diapers in size small. Cakes are filled with additional shower gifts hidden within, including natural and organic products parents need to start their new lives with baby.

All cakes can bear the parents’ or baby’s names and come with a handmade card that can be personalized. All decorations and cards on the diaper cake are handcrafted with coloured art card paper, creating a layered and 3D effect.

Customers can choose from a variety of “bundles,” allowing them to select their own product elements from the Diaper Cake Company’s growing catalog. Cake themes for both boys and girls (including gender-neutral options) range from “Animal Safari” to “Bee,” “Hot Air Balloon,” “It’s A Boy,” “It’s A Girl,” “Princess,” “Superhero,” and “Train.” Various pricing options are available.

“The Diaper Cake Company revolutionizes gifting by offering useful items instead of just offering a gift, adding meaning to a well-thought-out gift,” said Justine Ong, owner of The Diaper Cake Company. “Our diaper cake is a practical, unique and meaningful gift for new parents to celebrate and mark the birth of their newborn.”

Cakes can be delivered to celebrations across Singapore. Learn more about The Diaper Cake Company at

Justine Ong
The Diaper Cake Company
+65 9645 4304

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