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Singer-Songwriter Savio Rego to Release New Single “Falling Apart” on March 28th

Singer-Songwriter Savio Rego to Release New Single “Falling Apart” on March 28th


Singer-songwriter Savio Rego is proud to announce the release of his newest single “Falling Apart” on March 28th. All music lovers can now look forward to another great song from the talented artist that is bound to capture the hearts of every listener.

Music will always be a part of people’s lives. It is one of the things that have the ability of transcending boundaries, awakening the soul and conveying messages that can touch lives. One of the many forms of music that are a favorite of many people from different parts of the world is none other than the adult contemporary music. And now, Savio Rego is set to release another song of this genre to bring joy and inspiration to the listeners.

Adult contemporary music is a unique music style that ranges from the vocal of 1960s, the soft rock music of the 1970s and the ballad-heavy music that is popular in the present day with different levels of easy listening, rhythm and blues, rock, and soul influence. AC music is pretty much the continuation of the soft rock and easy listening style that has been a big hit during the 60s and 70s with a few adjustments that reflect the evolution of rock/pop music.

With his “chill-out soul” style, Savio Rego focuses on releasing songs that are a combination of rhythm and blues, soft rock, soul, Latin, pop and jazz. Despite being greatly influenced by Phil Collins and Sting, he was able to create his very own signature sound that perfectly adds a touch of Latin flavor to his music that helps him create an eclectic and modern combination of tones.

Debuting with the song “All I Want” in 2009, Savio has gone a long way and has easily established himself as one of today’s most admired independent recording performers and artists. Falling Apart that will be released on March 28th is expected to be yet another masterpiece from this brilliant singer-songwriter that will surely prove to the world why he deserves to be recognized in the adult contemporary music genre.

For more information about the newest single of Savio Rego, visit his official website at www.saviorego.com

Contact: Savio Rego
Address: Los Angeles, California, USA
Email: management@saviorego.com
Website: www.youTube.com/savioregovevo

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