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Single Release by Ned Euphorya and Lori Jean

Single Release by Ned Euphorya and Lori Jean

This March, talented composer Ned Euphorya and vocalist/lyricist Lori Jean will be releasing a new single, ‘She Finds The Chords Herself.’ Some relevant information on the release is as follows:

Jean is self-distributing the single through TuneCore. It will be available on iTunes and all other major digital music providers worldwide. The production was handled by Euphorya. His beautiful instrumentation accents Jean’s vocals. The song was written by Jean, as well.

In addition to its worldwide release, ‘She Finds The Chords Herself’ will also find its way to audiences as a music video. The production stage is early, however, though it is confirmed that the music video is set for a March release as well.

The exact release date of the track is March 23. All relevant social networking and web information for both Euphorya and Jean can be found below.


LJP Works
Lori Finnila
1430 Willamette Street #224
Eugene, OR 97401

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