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SITGO Technology Releases Early Bird Discount Offer for Purchasing World’s First Electric Folding Bike

SITGO Technology Releases Early Bird Discount Offer for Purchasing World’s First Electric Folding Bike

China; 14, September 2015: With an aim to revolutionize the personal transportation needs of the modern population, SITGO Technology Company now introduces a unique bike that can run on the electricity. At the same time, it is foldable and has several exceptional features that are beneficial for the modern-day commuters.

The company will launch a Kickstarter project on 22 September, 2015, seeking support from the public to produce these folding bikes. According to the company spokesperson, currently they are offering first 800 electric bikes with early bird discounts. One just needs to sign up on their website and request for purchasing a Sitgo Bike at an inaugural discount. We already have received a number of requests and hope to complete the 800 quota of inaugural discounts very soon,” he states.

The electric folding bike has an attractive design and is lightweight as well as foldable. This is the reason why these bikes are easy to carry and require small storage space. Moreover, these bikes could be used while traveling and can allow people to cover short distances at their own pace. The bike also comes with a USB charger which one can use to charge up several devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and other devices. According to the spokesperson, this particular charging convenience will certainly appeal to the modern population that often carries different types of gadgets nowadays.

Speaking about the bike’s unique features, the spokesperson reveals that this electric bike also has a cigarette lighter charging unit and a 360-degree rotating mobile phone holder. Thus, a commuter can easily talk on his/her phone, can listen to the music or use the navigation feature to locate a destination, without a need to hold the device in hand. One can easily use the bike to travel a distance of 35-40Kms at a speed of 0.25km/h. Equipped with a 36V, 8.8AH power lithium battery, it takes 3-6 hours in charging.

This uniquely designed bike will certainly transform the way of traveling of the modern-day commuters. People who want to grab it at an early bird discount can place their request on the website http://www.sitgobike.com.

About SITGO Technology Co., Ltd:

SITGO Technology is developing world’s first electric folding bike for modern travelers. The bike will be run on chargeable batteries, offering a green and cost-saving way of commuting. They are going to start a Kickstarter campaign for seeking support from the public and will deliver first 800 bikes at early bird discounts.

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