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Smash Repair Experts Provide Rejuvenation For Accident Damaged Vehicles

Smash Repair Experts Provide Rejuvenation For Accident Damaged Vehicles

Sydney, Australia; 08, December 2015: GIA Smash Repairs is pleased to report that they offer a range of quality panel beating and spray painting. The professionals at the facility have accumulated more than a score of years in the Smash Repair industry. The team consists of more than twenty trained and experienced technicians all of whom are skilled in the art of smash repairs.

The team as GIASR works with professionalism to specialise accident damaged vehicles and restore treasured vehicles to their former condition. The rejuvenation of the vehicle is able to increase the appearance and value. Top levels of workmanship and reasonable pricing has made the first first choice from customers for years. The team at GIA is proud of the positive reviews they receive from customers. Many of them are 5-Star rating. The approval by previous customers helps to spread the positive reputation of the firm.

Part of the success of GIA is due to the structured work flow plan. Vehicles are brought into the assessment department for an estimate and authorisation. Next is the Strip & Fit Department, where a confirmation of the estimate is completed and the parts list created. The Parts Department orders the necessary parts and checked for accuracy upon receipt.

In the Panel Work area, welding, repairs and panel-beating as needed are completed. The alignment of the panels is checked here, as well. In the Paint Preparation Department, the repaired or replacement panels are prepped and primed before the final finish. Painting is done to spray the final coating to vehicles and panels. Finally, the entire vehicle is cleaned. This attention to detail is what ensures that the firm continues to be regarded as tops in the industry.

For Media Contact:
Company: GIASR
Address: Unit 11, 137 Kings Road, Five Dock, NSW
Telephone Number: (02) 97445849; Mb 0419999403
Contact Fax Number: (02) 97445113
Email: giasr@optusnet.com.au
Website: www.giasr.com

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