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Social Media Marketing Increases ROI Dramatically & Leaves Traditional Marketing Behind

Social Media Marketing Increases ROI Dramatically & Leaves Traditional Marketing Behind

Online statistics are showing a huge increase in membership of social media sites, making social media marketing strategies far more profitable than traditional marketing methods. Used in conjunction with traditional marketing methods, Internet marketers and small businesses are experiencing higher levels of conversion than ever before.

Gone are the days when people thought you had to be hip, trendy and under 25 with technical knowledge to participate in social media platforms. Here are some surprising statistics on the matter:

– Twitter has around 75 million users sending more than 50 million tweets per day. 62% of all Twitter users are in the age group of 24-54
– Facebook has more than 400 million users, and the average person has 130 friends.
– YouTube is the Internet’s second largest search engine, behind Google with 16.6 million daily visitors.
– LinkedIn has more than 75 million users and counting.

Every day, more and more, all kinds of people are logging into their social media accounts to participate in engaging, entertaining pass times within communities and networks of like-minded people. Marketers are maximizing on these trends, and taking advantage of the social media marketing outlets available.

According to a US Marketing Executive Network Group survey, 85.4% of respondents agreed that the main benefit of social media marketing was customer engagement.

Lorene Collier Purcy from Mindset Matters, Financially said, “The huge trend towards social media marketing has turned the tables for business owners looking to build their customer list and increase profits, and by providing advertising venues that reach millions of targeted consumers, they’ve opened the door to vastly increased revenue potential.”

“Social media marketing isn’t being utilized by all marketers yet, and is yet still relatively unknown for many”, said Purcy. “But more are coming on board every day, and ‘smart marketers’, who’ve learned about the advantages of social media marketing and how to implement them, are finding that the enormous benefits include such things as:

– Direct customer communications
– Speed of feedback/results
– Learning customer preferences
– Low cost, higher ROI
– Brand building and niche domination
– Market research, and much more.”

Due to social media marketing, the Marketing Network of USA are expecting a bumper year in online sales, even though the worldwide recession is still being felt in some countries.

Mindset Matters, Financially was founded in 2008 to provide online marketers with information on cutting edge technology such as social media marketing. The site offers a range of informative emails, reports, and ebooks for the modern marketer.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Lorene Collier Purcy, please call Chastity Hatcher at (817) 405-9326 or email

Contact: Lorene Collier Purcy
Company: Mindset Matters, Financially
Address: 200 S. Crowley Rd #285, Crowley, TX
Phone: (817) 405-9326

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