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Socioeconomic and Psychological Effects on Children of Prisoners

Socioeconomic and Psychological Effects on Children of Prisoners

New Delhi; 09, January 2017: Government is taking measures on psychological and socio-economic condition of children. The children of detainees have gone through major psychological and financial crisis. Their families or parents due to criminal acts are unable to pay attention to them and often decease in jail. Researchers in India have explored far-reaching consequences of imprisonment. The reduced job opportunities, lacks of funds for schools, financial burdens, and social disorganizations are the main factors which leads towards crime and severely affects families.

Family influence on many aspects of children lives and their minds. The parenting variables prove to be primary predictors through entire life span. It may result in loss of external relation which is a painful factor. Effects of imprisonment on children’s are often neglected by media coverage or various public policy. The background of such families is highly vulnerable and limited study shows that it leaves devastating consequences on children and various partners. Effects of imprisonment on children need major concern, and it must be sorted. After the years of study Roger Shaw pointed that after 20 years, the government and associated policies will be punishing innocent victims, so effects of imprisonments on the children of prisoners need considerable attention. It might be possible that neglecting children would end up risking a large group and might be possible increase crime rate.

In this regard, SVCT is a trustable NGO which is working and showing dedication for children of prisoners. Seminars are conducted by the NGO to highlight the issues and proposed an action plan which will provide a solution for the psychologically affected children of prisoners. Social circumstances and the situation where children have to deal when there one parent is in jail or deceased, so education needs to play its role especially in lives of such children. The NGO is taking critical steps to support such children.

NGO is interacting with such families and children directly and providing them excellent opportunity to understand cause ad understanding the problem. Many motivational things are performed by NGO which includes a recital of poems, testimonials, and paintings, which urges the children to participate and stay motivated towards education.

Trust supports all individuals, and weak families who are a victim of assistance or need adequate counseling especially in character development .the amazing opportunity Trust provides is a regular exhibition where paintings and various art forms are displayed at a reasonable price. The generated revenue is used for the family or given to the artist. The mission helps to strengthen the society and provides an opportunity to children to get an education.

The trust activities are spirited for those who need job opportunities and adequate counseling. It has helped many people to get jobs and support their families with viable income.

Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust is a New Delhi based non-profit organization. It tries to achieve goals in short time. Organization is taking measures to strengthen delicate multi-cultural citizenry and societal fabric. For details please visit:

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Siddhartha Vashishta
Address: Wz-1598-F, Ground Floor,
Nangal Raya, New Delhi-110046
Phone: 011-45751984
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