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Soft Xpansion Publishes New Versions of its PDF Apps for Windows 10

Soft Xpansion Publishes New Versions of its PDF Apps for Windows 10

Soft Xpansion has published the new versions of its six PDF app retail editions for Windows 10.

Bochum, Germany, July 21, 2016 — Soft Xpansion has published the new versions of its six PDF app retail editions for Windows 10 (Perfect PDF, Perfect PDF Annotate, Perfect PDF Converter, Perfect PDF Combine, Perfect PDF Security, Perfect PDF Signer).

All new apps enable the users to open more than one document at a time, since each file is displayed in a separate window. Moreover, the apps now offer extended search functionality in PDF and XPs files, including the search in folders, subfolders and embedded documents. Perfect PDF and Perfect PDF Annotate now come with the additional comment type redact annotations, which makes it possible to remove PDF content from files using the annotation tool. Apart from that, the new Perfect PDF app has functionality to create and edit table of contents, bookmarks and links. Last but not least, a PDF forms designer and editor completes the new features of Perfect PDF. All new functionality has been exclusively implemented into the Windows 10 versions of the apps. On the other hand, the versions for Windows 8.1 are still available.

New Functionality In Detail
– Multiview: Open several documents at a time, each document has its own app window, known from desktop applications like word or spreadsheet processing programs (available in all Soft Xpansion PDF apps)
– Extended search functionality, including display of search results as a list (all apps)
– Search in folders, subfolders and embedded files, i.e. in PDF and XPS files that are not open (all apps)
– Obscure and remove PDF content by using redact annotations (in Perfect PDF and Perfect PDF Annotate)
– Create and edit tables of contents, bookmarks and links (in Perfect PDF)
– Forms designer & editor: create (8 types) and edit (structure, field properties and design options) PDF form fields (in Perfect PDF)

Product Editions & Prices
Perfect PDF (current price: EUR 9,89) offers the richest set of features, while all other members of the product family focus on certain specific subsets of Perfect PDF features: Annotate (comment PDFs, EUR 3,99), Converter (convert XPS/OXPS, import text files and images to PDF, EUR 3,99) Combine (combine and split, EUR 4,99), Security (protect with AES and RC4 encryption, EUR 1,99) and Signer (digitally sign PDFs, EUR 2,99).

Languages, Operating Systems, Processors
– Languages: Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish
– Supported operating systems: Windows 10 for PC, tablet and smartphone; Windows 8.1 (app versions without the new features mentioned above)
– Supported processors: x86 (32 bit), x64 (64 bit), ARM

About Soft Xpansion:
Since its foundation in 1995, Soft Xpansion is a specialized software manufacturer with global activities. The product range includes solutions (powerful standard desktop software and apps, innovative software development kits and flexible, individual programming) in the core areas PDF technology, content/document management and tools. The company looks back on more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector. The software development expertise covers all steps for standard applications and for individual projects – market and requirement analysis, conceptual design, development, implementation, support and advancements. The clients come from all over the world. Soft Xpansion is headquartered in Bochum, Germany.

Frank Dueckers
Soft Xpansion GmbH & Co. KG
Koenigsallee 45
D-44789 Bochum, Germany
+49 0 234 298 41 73
+49 0 234 298 41 72

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