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Software Launched to Convert Images to PDF

Software Launched to Convert Images to PDF

USA – The website has launched the JPG to PDF Converter, which is available for immediate download and use. This software helps users convert image files of a number of popular formats into PDFs which can then be saved or printed as per requirement. Software that helps converting image files to PDFs isn’t uncommon; so why choose this particular software? The reason is the great features including the simplicity of use!

Everything about this software is easy and quick. Users can download and install this software at a click of a button. And once the installation is done it is good to go. Being a standalone app this application doesn’t require any additional software for it to work. Another advantageous feature is its simple setup. The user interface has been designed such that all the required functions are available on the home screen. Hence users will not have any problems getting used to the software and also using it.

The best feature of the JPG to PDF Converter is probably the speed at which it gets the work done. This is perhaps the best reason why one should go for this converter as compared to other multi-function converters. In the time the multi-function software takes to get downloaded and installed, this free software gets all the work done.

This software supports both single as well as batch conversions and hence users can convert single images, a batch of images to a single PDF or also convert a whole folder of images. This software supports a number of popular image formats like JPG/JPEG, BMP, PNG and TIFF. Hence, this software is the right choice for people who are looking to convert popular image formats into PDF format.

About JPG to PDF Converter

This software is the best option in case one is looking to convert images into PDFs in a quick and easy manner.

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