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Software Launched to Easily Make Custom Birthday Cards

Software Launched to Easily Make Custom Birthday Cards

USA – Online Birthday cards are a boon today. Now need to go out and spend time and money for the ideal card; all one has to do is just search for the right card and send it online. And in most cases, one gets to send birthday cards to anybody free of cost. The only drawback is that most websites don’t allow for much customization when sending birthday cards. So, in case one wants to make the birthday card very special by personally making it, the free Birthday Card Maker is just for them.

This Birthday Card Maker is a tool loaded with great features. Basically, it is absolutely free of cost; all one has to do is just go to the website and directly download the software and it’s good to go. Downloading the software is as easy as using it. It comes with an absolutely simple interface that even kids will find easy to use. Additionally it comes packed with great features.

There are a number of pre-loaded templates from which any can be chosen to start making the card. The shape and size of the card can also be chosen. Then one can either choose from the pictures available or upload any picture or photograph of one’s choice. Users can either go for plain static cards or add animations to make it more exciting. Users can adjust the brightness, color, hue, etc and finally add watermark too if needed. Now the end product can be previewed before sending it across. So, using this Birthday Card Maker one can make birthday cards easily and what makes these cards special is that they are as unique as handmade cards.

About Birthday Card Maker

This is a free, lightweight, standalone app that is quite easy to use and helps one make custom-made cards quickly.

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