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Some commonly seen tools which used the rare earth magnets

Some commonly seen tools which used the rare earth magnets

China – Today, the famous NdFeB magnet supplier Huizhou Zhongtai Magnetoelectricity Materials Co., Ltd will introduce with people some daily life used tools which have applied the rare earth magnet.

Electric or pneumatic strong magnetic sleeve

The main function of this device is for adsorption. The magnetic sleeve will be mounted at the bottom of the hexagonal, octagonal, dodecagonal or other devices. When people use those devices, the magnetic will be helped to adsorbing the screws without the situation of falling. User can use their hexagonal, octagonal and other with highly convenience and any angles so it could save a lot of time and money then highly improve efficiency.

Life-saving safety hammer

This kind of hammer could be regarded as the combination of magnet, lifesaving hammer, flashlight, cutting tool and others. As the installation of magnet, this device can be moved or storage at any places where will let people feel very convenient and safe.

Permanent lifting or sucker

The magnet sucker is made by the principle of superposition principle and magnetic flux continuity. The permanent road designation of the permanent sucker has been designed into many magnetic circuit design systems. By the relative motion of the magnetic system, it could realize the increasing and decreasing of the magnetic field strength on the working surface so as to achieve the purpose of retention and unloading. As we all know, the permanent sucker is very necessary tool of those mechanical factories, mold factory, Forge, steel mills, shipyards and others. This device could greatly improve the handling efficiency of the lifting for blocky, cylindrical, plates, irregular permeability steel materials.

Screwdriver type sucker

In addition to the sorption function like the above description, the NdFeB magnets could also be used into the screwdriver type sucker which will be very convenient tool for the limited space. This device can be made as small screwdriver with adjustable length and it could help to absorb iron impurity, such as deep ditches, wall cracks, all kinds of stents base, finishing each corner, or other metal things which could not be directly contacted with the human skin.

Frankly speaking, the NdFeB magnets have already played a role which could not be ignored at the industrial and daily life areas. The application of this product could help to enhance the working efficiency of those tools and then increase people own security level.

Huizhou Zhongtai Magnetoelectricity Materials Co., Ltd has many years¡¯ experience of NdFeB magnets, SmCo Magnet and other rare earth magnet manufacturing, application and development. People who have such interesting about this product could directly visit their website.

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