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Sositar Mold offers a wide range of automotive molds for a range of purposes

Sositar Mold offers a wide range of automotive molds for a range of purposes

China, 28, April 2016: The level of technology and the advancement in the automotive products has increased drastically over the last decade. Besides the powerful capacities of engines, cars come with an array of other features. Be it the interiors or the exteriors, car manufacturers have moved a lot forward. Automotive molds are one such area which is quite important for assembly of a car. These are used almost everywhere within the car which includes the engine, interiors or the tank. There are a number of manufacturing companies both within China and outside that are involved in the process of manufacturing these molds. One such Automotive Mould company that is based in Shenzhen and has been manufacturing these molds for the past 15 years is the Sositar Mold. The company is based in Shenzhen and has a big factory measuring over 3000 square meters. It is conveniently located and is operated by over 100 employees. Presently the company is processing over 40 to 50 sets moulds each month and has capital assets worth 8 million RMB.

All the equipment installed within the factory has been imported from Switzerland and Taiwan. With a capacity of over 21 sets of Milling machines, 4 sets of CNC, 10 sets of Grinding machines, 7 sets of Wire Cutting Machines, etc. the company is capable of producing some of the best molds required for a number of purposes. The factory is fully equipped to manufacture injected plastic parts with weight below 1500g or measuring anywhere below 8500x1000x8500 mm. At the present moment the company is a reliable partner for supplying automotive plastic injection molding companies from across the world. They have been known for offering stable quality backed by competitive pricing. To know about their credibility, customers would be satisfied to know that they have been accredited with the ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Hence, they can be assured about the quality standards.

In order to know more About Sositar Moldor their production capabilities, interested companies/customers may visit their website. The website features almost all the required information in regards to their products. One can also find Automotive Mould Case Study featured on their website that explains the process of molding that the company follows and recommends. For custom requirements or any other specific queries, customers can get in touch with the representatives by using any of the mentioned contact details on the website.

About Sositar Mold

Sositar Mold is a Shenzhen based organization that is involved in manufacturing of a number of plastic molds required for automotive. The company has been in the business for over 15 years and has a 3000 square meter unit in the city. It presently employs over 100 employees and has partners from across the world. To know more about their products, please visit the website.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Jackie Lau
Address: Buliding A,Fengzhen industrial Park
ShiYan town,Bao’an district, ShenZhen China
Phone: 86-0755-33183226
Fax: 86-0755-33508985
Email Id:

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