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Sositar Mould Brings Sophisticated Mold Building Technology to Offer Cost Benefits To Its Industrial Clients

Sositar Mould Brings Sophisticated Mold Building Technology to Offer Cost Benefits To Its Industrial Clients

Shenzhen, China; 24, November 2015: Like any industry, the mold development sector is also facing a stiff competition. As per a statistic, the Guangdong province in China has alone more than 2000 mold service providers. This focuses on the need of maintaining competitiveness in order to sustain in the industry. Sositar Mould has been catering to various industries, particularly in the automotive segment, with their efficient and quality mold building services. They now rely on the latest technologies that give them a competitive edge, allowing them to reduce the cost and timeframe of the custom mold production.

Sositar Mould has already established itself as a reputed automotive mold manufacturer that supplies quality molds in a trustworthy manner. With the growing need and concern of quality molds, the company keeps improving its infrastructure and the production technology. The spokesperson of the company maintains that 60% ~ 80% of the components in the manufacturing sector relies on molding. And with the emerging need of maintaining the best product quality, the mold suppliers are under tremendous pressure to boost their production quality and capacity. According to him, Sositar Mould has improvised its manufacturing production base to help accelerate the growth of the mold industry.

The total mold production in China is the third largest in the world. And Sositar Mould has been a key player in the auto mold in China and has significantly improved their design and manufacturing level to match the standards of the German, US and other European companies. Sositar Mould has established its strong foothold in the international competitive mold market because of their superior technology and the utmost product quality.

The spokesperson reveals that the China mold industrial development can promote competitiveness in the global economy market. Although the Chinese mold industry has very few independent brands, but Sositar Mould is an independent brand enterprise that can offer quality molds for industrial clients to help meet their unique production needs. In order to enhance their competitive strength and build their own brand, they continuously enhance their technical levels. One can learn more about their mold development services by visiting their website http://www.injectionmould.net.

About Sositar Mould:

Sositar Mould focuses on plastic injection mould for automotive more than 15 years. The company covers an area of more than 3000 square meters, surrounded with convenient transportation. At present, the group has more than 100 employees and capital assets of more than 8 million RMB. Their capacity is 40-50 sets mould per month. Sositar Mould’s mission is to be professional, trustworthy and creative automotive mold maker.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Jackie Lau
Telephone: 86-0755-33183226
Email: sales@sositarmould.com
Website: http://www.injectionmould.net

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